Price Of Carton Of Cucumber Up From 50 Fils To KD1.5 In The Last Few Days
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At a time agricultural production is supposed to increase due to the suitable conditions, the price of cucumber increased remarkably in the last few days, reports Al- Rai daily.

The price of a carton of cucumber increased from 50 fils to KD1.5, making consumers wonder what could be the reason behind such exorbitant price hike. Board member of Kuwait Farmers Union Abdullah Al-Dahoom explained the farmers harvested all of the cucumbers they planted; hence, the price increased to KD1.5 per carton in some cooperative societies and KD1 in Andalus and Sulibiya vegetable market which receives 120,000 cartons of cucumbers daily and each carton contains 60,000.

He said the country has a total of 5,888 farms – 4,500 in Wafra and the rest in Abdali which produces fodder. He affirmed the Kuwaiti farmers are currently planting their crops that will be harvested in April and before Ramadan, asserting the price of cucumbers will be back to normal by then.

25 Mar, 2019 563
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