Passport Validity For Residence Visits Extended By 6 Months

13 February 2024 Travel

Due to expatriates frequently submitting incomplete paperwork, the Department of Residence Affairs in Kuwait’s six governorates has taken proactive measures. They’ve prepared a comprehensive brochure outlining the necessary documents needed to fulfill family visit requirements.

According to the circular, approval for visits requires a signed request from the sponsor, including his phone number, a pledge signed by the sponsor, a travel ticket issued by Kuwait Airways or Jazeera Airways, a copy of the arriving person’s passport, provided that the validity of the passport is more than six months, a copy of the sponsor’s civil ID, verification of the address, and permission. The sponsor is required to handle the “computer printout.”

Important conditions include certificates of kinship, which must be authenticated by the Kuwaiti embassy abroad, the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, and the foreign ministry of the visitor’s home country.

Additionally, a security source reiterated that visa issuance for all types of visits is ongoing, dispelling rumors of the ministry’s imminent closure of visitation permits within a month or two.

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