Opening Of Airport Has Nothing To Do With Return Of Expats From High-risk Countries
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The Director of the Air Transportation Department in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Abdullah Al-Rajhi issued a circular requiring the opening of the airport 24 hours a day starting from March 7. In a letter addressed to the director of the National Aviation Services (NAS) Company, Al-Rajhi said, “We would like to inform you that it has been decided to operate Kuwait International Airport on a 24-hour basis starting from March 7, 2021.

The operating companies have been informed to provide us with requests for changing the slots”.

In this context, sources from DGCA clarified that the recent decision has nothing to do with the resumption of commercial flights for the return of passengers from countries classified as “high risk”, indicating that such a step falls within the powers of the Council of Ministers and requires a decision from it.

Meanwhile, Head of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud yesterday inspected the Central Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior to check on the work progress on the plan to implement institutional quarantine measures for passengers arriving at Kuwait International Airport.



24 Feb, 2021 2501
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