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139K Kuwait Travelers Will Be Transported On 1,284 Flights For the New Year's holiday of 2023, Kuwait International Airport has raised its level of readiness to facilitate travel movements and meet the double momentum in departures and arrivals, reports A... December 26, 2022 100 Category: Travel
A Total Of 139,000 Passengers Traveled Over The New Year's Holiday To facilitate travellers and keep up with arrivals and departures for New Year's holiday 2023, Kuwait International Airport has prepared at its maximum level of readiness. According to the Dire... December 25, 2022 164 Category: Travel
Kuwait International Airport Receives Around 30,000 Arrivals Per Day As the new school year gets underway and the summer vacation season comes to an end, Kuwait International Airport is seeing a significant increase in incoming travellers. Over 340 planes from various ... August 21, 2022 252 Category: Kuwait
Total Daily Arrivals Are 30,000 Kuwait International Airport (KIA) agencies have increased their preparedness levels, coinciding with the return of residents after spending the Eid holidays abroad. 30,000 people are estimated to ... July 18, 2022 193 Category: Kuwait
1,737 Flights Return 285,000 People Home After Eid Reports from Al-Qabas daily indicate that Kuwait International Airport airlines have enhanced their preparations for the return of citizens and residents from abroad during Eid al-Adha. Until yesterda... July 16, 2022 155 Category: Kuwait
A PCR Test For Expats And Citizens Vaccinated Before Arrival Has Been Scrapped In Qatar After a sharp decline in COVID-19 infection rates in the country, Qatar has updated its travel and return policy to exempt its citizens and foreigners from pre-arrival PCR testing. Media outlets in... February 26, 2022 385 Category: Coronavirus
During The Holidays, An Estimated Quarter Of A Million Passengers Will Use Airports The authorities at Kuwait International Airport are continuing their efforts to handle the movement of incoming and outgoing passengers, coincident with the beginning of the 'travel for all' c... February 23, 2022 241 Category: Travel
Incoming Passenger Travel Requirements The Kuwait International Airport has announced that all inbound passengers, whether fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated, will be treated the same as citizens as of Sunday. Follow... February 19, 2022 1564 Category: Travel
Next Week, Non-vaccinated Expats Will Be Allowed Into Kuwait; Entry Requirements Passengers entering Kuwait are classified into three groups according to a decision made by the Kuwaiti Cabinet. The decision applies to both Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates. Not fully vaccinated, no... February 15, 2022 843 Category: Travel
No PCR For Arrivals From Feb 20th M Tariq Al-Muzaram, Government Spokesman, confirmed that fully vaccinated passengers are no longer required to undergo a PCR before entering the country and upon arrival, as well as undergo home quara... February 14, 2022 5541 Category: Travel
Restrictions to be eased by Ministry of Health In a report to be submitted by the Ministry of Health at the next committee meeting, Al-Rai daily reports that the ministry is working on easing health requirements. In light of the improvement in som... February 13, 2022 915 Category: Coronavirus
In Addition To Scheduled Flights, Kuwait Needs To Add Another 50 Flights Muhammad Al-Mutairi, the head of the Federation of Tourism and Travel Offices, told Al-Qabas daily that the Kuwait International Airport is expected to see a minimum of 50 additional flights to accomm... February 10, 2022 270 Category: Travel
Bahrain has scrapped its pre-boarding PCR test as of Friday As of Friday, Bahrain will no longer conduct pre-boarding PCR tests for arrivals. Bahrain Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications has stated that as of Friday, February 4, all traveller... February 04, 2022 573 Category: International
All Commercial Arrivals And Departures In India Have Been Halted Until February 28 The Director-General of Civil Aviation's Office in India has declared that the country's suspension of international flights will be extended till February 28. The suspension will not affect c... January 19, 2022 7125 Category: Travel
148,000 People Came Into The Country During The First 12 Days Of 2022 While Kuwait International Airport returned, yesterday morning, to receiving flights as usual and normally, and the first flight belonging to Kuwait Airways landed from Dammam at 8:30 am. about 148,00... January 15, 2022 434 Category: Travel
DGCA Clarifies Conditions For Passengers Infected With Coronavirus The Directorate General of Civil Aviation instructed all the airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport that all passengers arriving to Kuwait who were infected with coronavirus outside Kuwait... January 11, 2022 723 Category: Travel
COVID-19: Kuwait Makes PCR Mandatory For All Arrivals All arrivals in Kuwait are required to present a negative PCR conducted 72 hours before arrival according to a government decision to curtail the spread of COVID-19, local media reported. Kuwait&rs... January 04, 2022 1004 Category: Coronavirus
The Airport Received 10,000 Arrivals From Various Destinations While the new Cabinet decisions regarding the application of home quarantine for those coming to the country entered into force, Kuwait International Airport received 65 incoming flights carrying abou... December 27, 2021 594 Category: Travel
Passenger Arriving To Kuwait “Immune App” To Change Color The Director of Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Health, M. Ahmed Al-Gharib stated that based on Cabinet Ministers decision regarding home quarantine for passengers arriving to Kuwait... December 26, 2021 5715 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Sets Protocols For Arriving And Departing Passengers The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a circular to all airlines operating at the Kuwait International Airport which says based on the decision of the Council of Ministers and af... December 23, 2021 5929 Category: Travel
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