KIA Recorded A 5% Surge In Passenger Traffic In January

19 February 2024 Travel

Kuwait International Airport witnessed a 5% increase in passenger traffic in January 2024 compared to the same period last year, according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Acting Director General of DGCA Emad Al-Jeloi said that the total number of passengers arriving and departing from KIA reached 1,427,684 in January 2024. This represents an increase of 5% in passenger traffic, 10% in aircraft movement, and 34% in air cargo compared to January 2023.

Al-Jeloi explained that the number of arriving passengers in January 2024 was 719,092, while the number of departing passengers was 708,592. He also noted that the total number of aircraft movements that operated to and from the airport during January 2024 was 11,063 flights, compared to 10,098 flights in January 2023.

In terms of air cargo, Al-Jeloi said that the total volume of cargo in January 2024 was about 19 million kilograms. Incoming cargo was about 15.2 million kilograms, while outgoing cargo was about 3.8 million kilograms.

The most popular travel destinations during January 2024 were Dubai, Cairo, Jeddah, Istanbul, and Doha.

DGCA received 4,648 passenger complaints in 2023

In a separate statement, DGCA said that it received 4,648 complaints from passengers in 2023 against individuals and companies operating on the local aviation market. The Ministry of Interior also issued 77 violations against airlines that violated the instructions of the General Department of Residency Affairs.

DGCA said that these complaints were dealt with in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, and the perpetrators were held accountable.

The number of violations in 2023 decreased significantly due to the awareness of passengers of the circulars, decisions, and instructions necessary for travel. DGCA stressed the importance of passengers knowing their rights and responsibilities while traveling and choosing offices and websites that have obtained the approval of the administration to practice tourism and travel activities.

DGCA attributed the decrease in the number of violations during the recent period to the continuous monitoring of the air transport market inspectors for the negatives that occur from some workers in this field, and the imposition of fines and penalties on them as stipulated by the law and the circulars organizing this work.

DGCA affirmed that this continuous monitoring by air transport market inspectors contributes to maintaining this activity and its continuity in order to provide the owners of these projects with many services for travelers.

Activities related to travel and tourism have witnessed a remarkable increase recently in light of the facilities provided to people working in this market. The number of transactions related to individuals in the air transport market last year reached 611 transactions related to issuing new licenses, permits for social media sites, group trips, and other services supervised by the administration.

DGCA said that the fees for these services amounted to 220,840 Kuwaiti dinars (about 717,000 US dollars).

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