Dont Want To Serve Full Notice Period – Want To Pay And Get Out
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I am working with a private sector company. I put in my resignation on August 7, 2019, I do not want to serve my full notice period i.e. 3 months and I want a release before September 15, 2019. Can you suggest to me any way so that I can get release from my present company. Is it possible for me to pay my present company the salary of notice period which I have not served and get early release. Please guide.

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Answer: The idea behind the notice period is to enable both the employer and the employee to make the necessary adjustments to cope with either resignations or dismissals. In this perspective, varying the conditions under which the notice period operates cannot be unilaterally taken but must be mutually agreed to. So, answering your question directly, all that we can say is that whatever changes you want to do to the notice period must be done with the full agreement of your sponsor and failing that, we are afraid, you can’t make any meaningful progress and also stand the risk of going above the law.



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