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Ready To Compensate Instead Of Serving Notice Period I am working in a private company in Kuwait. I need to give resignation but they are telling me that I need to complete two years. Without completing the two years they say I will not get a release. I... February 15, 2020 633 Category: Legal
Time Frame To Transfer Visa After Serving Notice Period My notice period ends on Nov 30, 2019. After that how much time I will get to transfer my visa to another sponsor? Name withheld Answer: According to the Labour Law when a company terminates the... October 30, 2019 2073 Category: Legal
Company Forcing To Resign – What Should I Do? I was hired from another company as technician. I signed one year contract with the company and it is renewable. Last week my manager tells me that the company will not renew my contract anymore and t... October 05, 2019 611 Category: Legal
Submitted Resignation From Immediate Effect – Company Filed Absconding Case I worked in a company from May 2018 to August 2019 but the company transferred my visa in January 2019. Now, I submitted my resignation effective immediately without serving the notice period because ... September 15, 2019 1000 Category: Legal
Dont Want To Serve Full Notice Period – Want To Pay And Get Out I am working with a private sector company. I put in my resignation on August 7, 2019, I do not want to serve my full notice period i.e. 3 months and I want a release before September 15, 2019. Can yo... August 18, 2019 675 Category: Legal
Notice Period, Termination Indemnity And Transfers Today I will be answering questions regarding the major concerns that I am receiving. I have discussed notice periods, termination indemnity and transfers on multiple occasions before and in more deta... August 12, 2019 7155 Category: Termination
Working In Company On Family Visa My question is regarding about resignation or leaving a company. I have been working in a company for past 6 months under family visa in Kuwait. I want to leave the company. So should I stay for 3 mon... June 24, 2019 774 Category: Legal
Sub-contracting Company Of KOC Terminated Me Without Giving Notice Period I am an expat in Kuwait. I was working for KOC under a private company contract for one year. It was a five year contract. I got demobilised from KOC project one day suddenly before the end of the con... April 12, 2019 698 Category: Legal
3 Months Notice Period Is Not Applicable If Contract Is Over My employment contract is ended on Dec 7, 2018 but my visa is valid till Dec 14, 2019. Company is asking me to serve notice period. I have informed company not to renew contract 15 days in advance.&nb... December 22, 2018 1084 Category: Legal
Resignation Is Not Yet Approved By CEO - What To Do I am an Indian working in a contracting company from 7/11/2012 as an Engineer with visa Article 18 and my visa was renewed on 05/06/2017. I got another job offer and I submitted my resignation on 14-0... September 18, 2017 609 Category: Legal
Company Threatening To Transfer Residence During Notice Period Or Else Will File A Missing Person Case I keep reading your legal reviews and never thought I also would be asking for help. Please guide me. I have been working for a private company for the past 14 months and I have been served the ter... November 03, 2016 2120 Category: Legal
I Cannot Serve 90 Days Notice Period, I Am Ready To Compensate I have been working in a private sector company in Kuwait for the last 1.5 years. Recently I got an opportunity to join a new company but they needed me to join them ASAP. Hence I cannot serve the ... October 16, 2016 2271 Category: Legal
Notice Period Counted As Service Period I have been working in a private company for about 10 years. I have now got a new job offer and decided to join the new company at the earliest possible. I have informed my new employer that I can joi... September 17, 2016 1579 Category: Legal
Company Forcing To Transfer During Notice Period I was terminated by my company on June 30, 2016, and after I signed my termination paper, the employee relations officer informed me that I had only 1 month to provide them a transfer request from ano... September 06, 2016 1893 Category: Legal
Visa Expiring - Haven't Found New Job During Notice Period I would like to hear from you because I have resigned and my other fellow workers have been terminated for some reason at the site where we worked. We were all locally hired from this company and... July 13, 2016 8297 Category: Legal
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