Company Giving Only 15 Days Annual Leave
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May I know if it is right or legal for a company to have a rule of only 15 days annual leave should be carried out on the following year. For example at the end of 2019 my accumulated annual leave is 20 days but only 15 days will be carried or added on my leave for 2020. Appreciate your response.

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Answer: The company is wrong with their interpretations and executions of the rule regarding accumulated annual leave. Indeed what the law says is that you cannot have more than sixty days accumulated days within a year which you can avail of. The law goes on to say that any excess days after the sixty days permitted will be kept and paid as part of your end of service benefits. In short you company’s rule of only 15 days of accumulated leave that can be carried over to the next annual leave has no legal basis and should be challenged for the correct procedure to be followed.



07 Sep, 2019 3390
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