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Biscuit Production Will Not Be Stopped By The Company Biscuit manufacture takes around 2.5 % of flour produced by Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company, according to the company, which plans to continue producing biscuits to meet consumer demand withou... March 20, 2022 424 Category: Kuwait
Cheat Company Pays Back Dues The Court of Appeals overturned the ruling of a lower court, which dismissed a citizen’s lawsuit against a real estate company for fraud. The higher court then instructed the company to cancel a... January 06, 2022 361 Category: Crime News
‘Investment Company Responsible To Protect Market’ An official source in the Hawalli Governorate Municipality told the Al-Rai daily that the cleaning of the Barayh Salem market is not the responsibility of the cleaning companies contracting with the M... November 30, 2021 240 Category: Kuwait
Company Accused Of Laundering KD1.8 Million Dinars In a new case in a series of money laundering cases, the Public Prosecution issued an indictment report following a report submitted by a consortium of victims belonging to real-estate companies, agai... January 14, 2021 678 Category: Information
Boutiqaat Report On Money Laundering Soon The Experts Committee, which was formed to scrutinize the documents and records of Boutiqat Application Company, will soon submit its report to the Public Prosecution, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting a... December 21, 2020 910 Category: Crime News
KPC Tender Request Rejected The State Audit Bureau rejected the request of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) to award a tender worth of KD 2.47 million to a local company, reports Al-Anba daily. The tender was for the provis... December 17, 2020 457 Category: Information
KOC Awards Tender To A Company Owned By A Fugitive Kuwait Oil Company has awarded a tender worth KD 10 million to a foreign company for the services of processing waste, as there have been great suspicions and question marks regarding grave environmen... December 01, 2020 1825 Category: Information
Kuwaiti Company Obligated To Pay $3 Million Compensation To Saudi Company Kuwait judiciary obligated a Kuwaiti pharmaceutical company to pay compensation worth $3 million to a famous Saudi pharmaceutical company for supplying medicines deemed unsafe by the Saudi authorities... November 07, 2020 350 Category: Business
Company’s Hall Named After Indian Employee unh Abdulla Kada Lambathure (60), a native of Payyoli, Kozhikode, received a rare posthumous award in the Gulf after succumbing to coronavirus while working in Kuwait. Kunh Abdulla, a Keralite, spent... September 14, 2020 834 Category: Information
265 Company Files Transferred To Prosecution For Human Trafficking And Residency Issues The Minister of Affairs and Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Al-Aqeel, revealed that in the last 10 years 4,497 government contracts were concluded and 419,421 expats were holding reside... September 13, 2020 1100 Category: Crime News
Ministry Reduces Home Delivery Bikes 15 Per Company Crisis surfaced between the Ministry of Interior and the food delivery companies, where the ministry took decision to limit the home delivery motorbikes to only 15 per company. The decision comes... July 21, 2020 1430 Category: Kuwait
Company Closing Want Release Hello … I am presently working as an accountant in the private sector for this company for the last 1 year and 3 months. My company is facing some problems and will be closing down. Previously ... February 27, 2020 833 Category: Legal
Won Case On Service Benefits But Company Didn’t Pay Yet I had worked for a reputed private company in Kuwait for 14 years and resigned 2 years ago while the company got renamed and was filing for bankruptcy. Though I waited for 5 months after my last worki... February 25, 2020 443 Category: Legal
A Company Makes 20 Million KD In Human Trafficking In an attempt to crackdown on human trafficking, a new company came into light where 10,000 workers were brought to Kuwait and collected 20 million Kuwaiti Dinars from these workers reports Al Qabas. ... February 18, 2020 966 Category: Kuwait
Company Calculating Indemnity On Lower Amount I am working with a company for the past 11 years. My last drawn salary is KD 715 per month which is sent as one figure to the bank. In addition to that I have regular incentives which are also transf... February 10, 2020 2263 Category: Indemnity
No Release Before 3 Years Of Service Hi I have some query regarding the possibility of getting a release. I arrived in Kuwait April 2017 and worked for the company who took me from my home country for 1 year and 6 months then after that ... February 01, 2020 704 Category: Legal
Visa Trafficking Company Found Hiring Expat Laborers For Begging On Streets Following the referral of an Arab mandoub and the owner of a company to the Public Prosecution for selling hundreds of commercial visas to expatriates, the Public Prosecution studied the company&rsquo... January 27, 2020 612 Category: Crime News
Fine Of KD 1,500 On A Cosmetic And Accessories Company The Misdemeanor Court presided over by Judge Mohammad Al-Dousari imposed a fine of KD 1,500 on a cosmetic and accessories company, and ordered its closure for two weeks. The judge then referred the ca... January 13, 2020 415 Category: Crime News
Negligent Worker Fined His Company 10,000 KD The negligence of a expat worker working for a maintenance company at Al-Zour Station resulted in a financial fine as an environmental penalty for the company due to the disposal of wastes and liquid ... January 04, 2020 673 Category: Kuwait
Can Company Transfer Visa Of Employee To Another Company Without The Knowledge Of Employee? Can my company transfer my visa to another company without my knowing or without my permision in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: No, the company has no right to transfer your visa without your kno... December 27, 2019 812 Category: Legal
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