Women From Kuwait Set Records Crossing The Ocean By Kayak

01 November 2022 Humans of Kuwait

Last Friday, kayak4kuwait and the Gulf Kayak Academy trained the first women's team consisting of four young women to row across the coast of Al-Bida to the marina of Failaka Island.

Kuwaiti women braved the ocean to defend the marine environment, according to an Arab daily. Coach Bashar Al-Hunaidi helped the participants achieve the goal of completing the kayaking challenge of covering the distance from the beach of Al-Bida to Failaka.

Anfal Issa Al-Radwan, Kawthar Dashti, and Ghanima Al-Qudmani managed to row across an estimated 27 km, while Dana Al-Mukimi covered 17 km and had to stop due to an emergency, recording her best performance in distance. The team successfully crossed in about 5 hours and 15 minutes, as the journey started at 6:15 AM and ended at Marina Al Jazeera at 11:30 PM.

Al-Hunaidi said the team experienced rowing this distance for the first time, despite the physical and psychological challenges, while the weather was mild and humid, and the sea conditions were moderate, although there were sometimes high waves. The coach also said that the trip is firstly a personal challenge to reach the island of Failaka, and secondly preserving the marine environment from human impact.

Al-Hunaidi added that the participants trained for nearly two years in order to achieve this level of proficiency, and that they deserved the opportunity to cross and establish a connection with the environment, as well as teach natural sports, thereby achieving both environmental and athletic success.


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