Domestic Crime Rate Rise In Country

17 September 2016 Humans of Kuwait

A number of experts and Kuwaiti citizens expressed their opinions concerning the increase in domestic crimes in the country. A Kuwaiti citizen Abu Saad said crime rate has been increasing throughout the world in the recent years including in Kuwait which has been suffering from increased rate of crimes especially domestic crimes. He revealed his sorrow over this negative phenomenon which was not prevalent in Kuwait in the past.

A citizen Mansour Al- Mousa indicated that the economic crisis, honor related issues and reduced religious awareness are the main reasons behind domestic crimes. A citizen Wafa Al-Azmi expressed the grief she experiences every time she reads reports about a father killing his children, a brother killing his brother or a husband killing his wife.

She insisted that such crimes are strange and uncommon in Kuwait, stressing the need for imposing stronger penalties against those criminals in order to make sure those who intend to commit such crimes will think twice. A citizen Arafa Thamer revealed that most of the family crimes occur due to arguments about culture, arguments between husbands and wives and drug consumption.

Meanwhile, a Professor of Psychology at Kuwait University Dr Kheder Al- Baroun explained that domestic crimes occur due to a number of reasons. Sometimes, fathers who are drug addicts commit crimes against their children or spouses such as either killing his wife or one of his daughters over immoral reasons.

A wife might kill her husband out of jealousy or some other reasons. The issue of family crimes must be handled from various angles including teaching children the values of patience and self control during hard times. It is the responsibility of the parents to observe the behaviors of their children and consult a psychiatric expert as soon as they notice anything unusual.

Dr Mohammad Al-Hani, who is an expert in sociology, insisted that the negative phenomenon of family crimes in Kuwait is an imported one. He explained that Kuwaiti citizens in the past used to live with their families peacefully and securely.

However, the crime rate increased with the widespread use of modern technology and media. Human beings are now well aware of every event that is occurring throughout the world.

Due to this, ‘international crimes’ started spreading within the country with the help of social media and other modern ways of communication. Dr Al-Hani urged the NGOs and state authorities to exert tremendous efforts to confront this negative phenomenon and protect the society from its consequences.

Lawyer Mubarak Al- Mutawa affirmed that the laws in Kuwait are sufficient to deal with this issue. He stressed the importance of increasing the awareness of people against the dangers of crimes particularly domestic crimes. In addition, Lawyer Mohammad Al-Ibrahim said the justice-related delay has been encouraging many individuals to commit such crimes due to which the crime rate has been increasing lately.



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