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Teaching Jobs Are Filled By Non-Kuwaiti Teachers; Preference Is Given To Children Of Kuwaiti Women Married To Bedouins Dr. Ali Al-Yaqoub, the Ministry of Education's Undersecretary, announced the ministry's need for non-Kuwaiti instructors with university degrees to serve in public schools in the next academic... March 19, 2022 352 Category: Kuwait
CSC Allocates 200 Job Grades For Appointment Of Kuwaiti Women Wedded To Expats’ Children The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has allocated 200 job grades to pave way for the appointment of the children of Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis to various administrative posts related to the ... July 22, 2020 573 Category: Expats
Kuwaiti Women Earn 52 Percent Less Than Men The difference between salaries of Kuwaiti women and men in the government sector is more than 41 percent, compared to 63 percent in the private sector in favor of men, reports Al-Qabas daily. Acco... July 30, 2019 435 Category: Kuwait
MP Saleh Ashour Has Presented A Bill To Grant Kuwaiti Women Married To Non Kuwaiti Men Allowances MP Saleh Ashour has presented a bill to grant Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaiti men allowances social, children and housing and to continue disbursement of assistance to those in foster care until ... December 20, 2016 1182 Category: Kuwait
Sheikh Ali Says Kuwaiti Women Play Key Role In Country Dev Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah stressed on the important role played by Kuwaiti women in the country’s development.“Kuwaiti women have outstanding ach... May 17, 2016 1397 Category: Kuwait
30 Kuwaiti Women Jailed In Labour Allowance Fraud Thirty Kuwaiti women were on Tuesday sentenced to one year in prison for fraudulently receiving labour support allowances for two years. The Criminal Court convicted the women, mostly housewives, a... May 11, 2016 2783 Category: Crime News
3 Bedoun , 2 Kuwaiti Women Arrested Police have arrested five young people three bedoun and two Kuwaiti women and referred them to the Criminal Investigation Department. According to security sources, the suspects were picked up be... April 25, 2016 2917 Category: Kuwait
Provocative Hashtag Sparks Defence Of Beauty Of Kuwaiti Women A hashtag denigrating the looks of Kuwaiti women on the microblog Twitter has triggered a vigorous defence of Kuwaiti beauty. Several online users said they were shocked by the claim propagated by the... April 21, 2016 1358 Category: Kuwait
Extend Housing Loans To Kuwaiti Women Married To Non-Kuwaitis Article Seven of the Constitution stipulates that justice, freedom and equality are the pillars of society; hence, the need to amend the executive regulations of the law on housing care for women in o... April 05, 2016 1410 Category: Kuwait
MOE Plans To Hire Kuwaiti Women As School Guards In Public Schools The Ministry of Education is planning to appoint Kuwaiti women as guards in public schools for girls next year. The guards will officially be referred to as ‘security officers’ and will of... March 31, 2016 1131 Category: Kuwait
Popular Makeups Were Commonly Used By Kuwaiti Women In Past Century Kuwaiti women in old times widely used cosmetics, ingredients of which were extracted from various plants; such as al-derem which was proven quite effective for teeth brightening. The women, till 4... March 17, 2016 1286 Category: Kuwait
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