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I will soon be working in a private sector company at the end of this month. I want to confirm something regarding visit visa. I want to get one for my daughter.

1st my salary is 250 that’s basic not including the incentives commission.

2nd my daughter is using her father’s name but her middle name is mine even though we’re no longer married. Would I be able to get her a visit visa?

Name withheld
Answer: The salary cap for obtaining visit visa for immediate family members (wife, husband and children) is KD 200. For other members of the family it is KD 300. With a salary of KD 250, you are qualified to apply for a visit visa for your daughter. We don’t think your daughter having her father’s name and yours as part of her name will pose a problem. So go ahead and apply for the visa by attaching the required documents to the application.



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