Disagreement Over Kuwait’s Decision On Visit Visas For Family Visits

15 February 2024 Visit Visa

Following the Ministry of Interior’s decision to resume issuing visit visas, including family, commercial, and tourist visas, under new conditions, initial excitement and applause quickly turned to disappointment and criticism. While the decision was anticipated to boost commercial activity, it was soon realized that the conditions imposed severely limited its effectiveness and accessibility.

A letter obtained by Al-Seyassah from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation emphasized that expats visiting Kuwait on family visits must use Kuwait Airways or Jazeera Airways, effectively restricting options to just two airlines. This restriction was deemed inconsistent with the country’s open skies policy, sparking widespread rejection and protest on social media.

Critics argue that limiting visit visa holders to only the national carrier, Kuwait Airways could lead to exploitation and monopolization of the market. Concerns were raised about the negative impact on expatriates and citizens alike, particularly regarding limited flight options and potential price hikes, especially during peak travel seasons. Additionally, the decision was reported to have led to significant price increases, up to 100%, particularly for popular destinations like Cairo, Dubai, and Indian travel hubs.

By Inaas Awadh

Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

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