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Can Wife Sponsor Husband Visit Visa And Transfer It To Dependent Visa?   With reference to the subject article published in your newspaper I would like to seek your humble an... November 15, 2019 5521 Category: Visit Visa
Bringing Mother On Visit Visa And Age Limit I would like to know if i can bring my mother on visit visa. She is 69 years old and a Widow. My father expired in 2014, she is alone in India with no one there to take care of her. My family is in Ku... October 24, 2019 24315 Category: Visit Visa
Visit Visa To Residence Visa For Expats To Increase Investment In Kuwait Change in residence law of changing visit visa to residence permit will have positive aspect mostly helping families of expats to reunite them. The change in law allows families to visit their loved o... October 24, 2019 11341 Category: Kuwait
No Issue Of Age Limit For Parents Visit Visa Is the criteria age limit for parents visit visa still exit? I went today to Hawalli Jawazat to apply for my parents visit visa, they asked me to get signature from Farwaniya governorate as my dad was... October 22, 2019 2329 Category: Visit Visa
Age Restrictions For Visit Visa Of Parents I am working in KNPC Kuwait, my salary is KD 1050 per month, my father’s birth-date is Dec 26, 1953 and mother’s birth-date is May 9, 1961. I want to apply for a visit visa for them. How m... October 20, 2019 20203 Category: Visit Visa
Where To Pay Fine For Overstaying On Visit Visa I would like to inquire where to pay the visit visa fine for overstaying so there will be no hassels at the airport to travel back. Name withheld Answer: Visit the Immigration Department in your... October 09, 2019 2179 Category: Visit Visa
Want To Reenter Kuwait On Visit Visa I was on family visa but I came to India in October 2018. I didn’t re-enter Kuwait within 6 months but my Civil ID expires on April 2020. What can I do if I need to go Kuwait on visit visa in Fe... October 07, 2019 672 Category: Visit Visa
Age Limit Of Parents For Visit Visa I intend to invite my parents to Kuwait on visit visa for one month. I wish to know if there is still age limit restriction? My mom’s age is 65, can I take visit visa for her? Salary package is ... September 09, 2019 10717 Category: Visit Visa
How Many Times An Expat Can Take Visit Visa For Wife And Child In A Year? I earn a salary of KD 430 per month. I need to know how many times I can take visit visa for my wife and child in a year? Name withheld Answer: Under current rules and regulations, when a visit ... August 24, 2019 1862 Category: Visit Visa
Son Studying Out Of Kuwait – Can I Cancel His Residence And Bring On Visit Visa? My son is studying in India and under family visa. I bring him to Kuwait before the end of six months to keep his residency, Now he has joined a marine college in India and I won’t be able to br... August 13, 2019 623 Category: Visit Visa
Sponsoring Husband On Visit Visa I am Ethiopian and my salary is KD 250, can I bring my husband on visit visa and how many months can he stay in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: Yes, you can invite your husband on visit visa with ... August 11, 2019 835 Category: Visit Visa
3 Months Visit Visa For Expats Wives And Children Only The MOI General Department of Residency issued a circular granting 3 months visit visa only for expats wives and children. The duration of the family visa for parents and siblings will be only 30 d... August 07, 2019 3001 Category: Visit Visa
Transferring From Visit Visa To Dependent/Family Visa My query is: I brought my family (wife and son) in Kuwait. Wife has family visa and now she received Kuwait Civil ID as well. My son (4.5 years old) has visit visa because his passport validity is eig... July 07, 2019 8605 Category: Visit Visa
Visit Visa For Mother-in-Law And Sister My salary is KD300. Will it be possible to apply for a visit visa for my mother and sister? Name withheld No, you need a monthly salary of KD500 or more to be able to apply for visit visas for y... June 02, 2019 18487 Category: Visit Visa
How to Apply Family Visa or Visit Visa in Kuwait A certain lack of info has led  our Indian community  wide concerning the procedure of obtaining visit/family visa for your favored ones. i'll be sharing my very own expertise and what p... May 19, 2019 3744 Category: Visit Visa
Family Visit Visa For Wife And How Many Months Stay Allowed I need information about family visit visa. I am an Indian and I intend to take a family visit visa for my wife. So, please let me know how many days she can stay in Kuwait, have any option (visa type... April 10, 2019 1026 Category: Visit Visa
Extension Of Visit Visa For Mother-In-Law I am an Indian expatriate residing in Kuwait with Electrical Engineer residence permit & civil ID, also receiving about KD 1,000 monthly salary and my wife & child are also staying with me on ... April 07, 2019 924 Category: Visit Visa
How Soon I Can Apply For 2nd Visit Visa My wife is in Kuwait on visit visa for 3 months period. The Visa was issued in January 2019. She entered Kuwait on Jan 29th. Now she is planning to leave on March 30th. My question is can I bring her ... March 31, 2019 756 Category: Visit Visa
Family Visit Visa To Be Issued Based On Salary – Higher The Salary 3 Months Stay MOI undersecretary for residency affairs Maj. General Talal Maarafi authorized residency department in all governorate to grant expats visit visa based on their income earned and check if expats are f... March 20, 2019 1214 Category: Visit Visa
Mandatory Health Insurance For Visit Visa The National Assembly yesterday overwhelmingly approved a draft law requiring foreigners visiting Kuwait on Visit Visa to obtain a health insurance policy for the duration of the visit.  The l... March 06, 2019 554 Category: Health Insurance
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