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I’m new to Kuwait and was working in the private sector until recently. During my probation period, the company decided to cut expenses and terminated me with a release. I found another sponsor and got a transfer paper signed from my old sponsor and also the new sponsor. On the application for work permit transfer (as per law as far as I knew I should pay a fine as I’m still in the first year) today a Labor Department official told my new sponsor’s representative that there’s a new rule according to which is no transfer of work permit is allowed except after 6 months. I’m shocked. I don’t know if that is true and if so, what can I do. Please help me if you can. What can I do?

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Answer: Ordinarily an expatriate must wait for three years, after arriving in the country for the first time, before he can transfer to another sponsor. Expatriate with university degrees can, however, transfer within a few months provided they get a release from their sponsor but this is subject to approval of the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor, which may or may not accept the application because approval of such a transfer is totally at the discretion of the ministry.


23 Feb, 2017 1050
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