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MoJ Saved KD 15mn In Fiscal ’20-’21 Expenses According to the State Audit Bureau’s report for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the Ministry of Justice saved KD 15 million in expenses, despite the decrease in the revenues collected, and the non-c... November 15, 2021 181 Category: Kuwait
Govt Ministries Save 25% Cut In Expenses Government agencies have managed to save about 25 percent of the target for reduction of their expenditures in the budget of the current fiscal year 2021/2022, as the amounts recorded so far have reac... November 13, 2021 172 Category: Kuwait
Government Takes Measures To Cut Down Expenses The Ministry of Finance has succeeded in saving ‘first part’ of the first billion for fiscal 2021-2022 budget in expenditures through the implementation of the Cabinet’s decision to ... October 31, 2021 241 Category: Business
Ministries, Affiliated Institutions Asked To Cut Down Expenses During Fiscal 2022/2023 During the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers chaired by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Wednesday evening at the Seif Palace the Ministry of Finance has asked th... October 16, 2021 271 Category: Kuwait
Government Agencies’ Expenses To Confront Coronavirus Rose To KD 796.6 Million The total expenditures of government agencies to confront the Coronavirus crisis amounted to KD 796.6 million, of which KD5 54.5 million were pledges, and KD 242.1 million was drawn from the authoriti... April 25, 2021 300 Category: Coronavirus
Control Over Subsidies And Expenses An Urgent Need The current supply of cash is in the near depletion stage and quick financial solutions must be sought, local Arabic daily Al Rai reported quoting reliable sources. The daily however mentioned that th... October 13, 2020 967 Category: Economics
Repatriating NRIs Being Milked In The Name Of ‘miscellaneous’ Expenses Many non-resident Indians (NRIs), having been repatriated from the GCC to India under the ‘Vande Bharat’ initiative, have complained that they were charged excessive amounts of money upon ... May 15, 2020 1182 Category: India
Info To Lessen Official Missions To Cut Expenses The Ministry of Information has been taking certain administrative and financial procedures to lessen official missions as a way of conserving expenses in that regard, reports Al- Jarida daily. Acc... November 21, 2019 330 Category: Kuwait
Life-time Salary And Medical Expenses For Accident-hit Woman The Court of Appeals ordered an insurance company to pay KD116,000 compensation, KD500 life monthly salary and KD200 medical expenses in favor of a Kuwaiti woman who was hit by a car. Lawyer for th... November 14, 2019 500 Category: Crime News
Resignation Due To Health Reasons – Company Asking To Pay For Expenses Incurred I am a dietician working in a private company. I submitted my resignation on health issues due to eight hours continues work without any break time. I can no longer bear the stress. I joined the compa... August 22, 2019 394 Category: Legal
Ex-husband Ordered To Bear Family Expenses The Court of Appeals obligated the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) and Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) to refer a citizen for retirement since he has been tasked as guardian of h... January 15, 2019 303 Category: Crime News
Court Allowed Father To See His Children In Presence Of His Former Wife In an incident that is regarded as strange in the Kuwaiti society, the Family Court allowed a Kuwaiti father in his 30s to see his children in the presence of his former wife who is married to another... April 05, 2018 572 Category: Crime News
Expenditure On Education In Kuwait Less Than Average Of Other Countries Results of a study conducted by the Secretariat General for Planning showed that expenditure on education in Kuwait is less than the average expenses of other countries, reports Annahar daily. Acco... January 10, 2018 758 Category: Kuwait
Court Has Dismissed A Lawsuit Filed By Kuwaiti Citizen To Order His Ex-wife To Pay Debt The Misdemeanor Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Kuwaiti citizen to order his ex-wife to pay debt worth KD 2,000 that she owed him since the time they were married. The defense counsel Lawyer ... January 10, 2018 536 Category: Crime News
Court Has Ordered MOI To Pay Compensation To Kuwaiti Citizen For Issuing Passport The Court of First Instance has ordered Ministry of Interior to pay compensation of KD 2,000 to a Kuwaiti citizen for issuing a passport that does not exist in the system of the ministry. According to... December 13, 2017 715 Category: Crime News
Gvnmnt Is Against Proposal Related To Reducing Retirement Age For Men Or Women The government is completely against any proposal related to reducing the retirement age for men or women especially since the Public Authority for Social Security has been strongly objecting to such ... October 19, 2017 995 Category: Kuwait
Court Sentenced Mom To Bear Expenses In a striking decision, the Family Court declared a father is not obliged to put his children in an American, British or any other private school. The court maintained the issue is not regulated by... August 03, 2017 535 Category: Crime News
Women Should Be Confined To Their Homes To Take Care Of Kids The number of domestic workers in Kuwait as of December 2016 was 613,407, and Kuwaiti women who are dedicated to their household chores have reached 78,277 in number, according to statistics from the ... July 31, 2017 765 Category: Crime News
Court Dismissed A Petition For Cancellation Of Legal Expenses Worth 2 Million Dinars The Court of Cassation upheld the decision of Appeals Court and dismissed a petition filed by former board of directors of a shareholding company for cancellation of legal expenses worth two million d... July 20, 2017 449 Category: Crime News
Court Revoked The Rent Expenses Of Grandmother The Family Court revoked the rent expenses that were being paid to a woman who was given custody of her grandchildren after the children’s mother married a foreigner. Lawyer Mubarak Al-Khasha... July 18, 2017 562 Category: Crime News
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