Transfer Of Visa From Health Ministry To Private Sector
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I am a Filipino working in Ministry of Health since 2015. I was absorbed by the Ministry from my previous employer who is in a private sector.

I am a bachelor degree holder. Now, I got a job offer from a private company which has a higher offer and which I have already signed. Can I transfer from govt to private sector? Can I also transfer my loan in bank to the new company I am going to work? Thank you…

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, it is possible for you to transfer from the government to the private sector in doing so however, you must be apprised of the latest decisions that govern such a transfer. In a decision issued on March 6, 2018 a public sector employee is required to obtain permission from the state department where he/she is employed in addition to security approval from the ministry of interior before he or she can transfer to work in the private sector. The directive, issued by the Public Authority for Manpower stipulates new conditions for workers under Article 17 visa wishing to transfer to Article 18 visas, who in this case will need to receive clearance from their employers



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