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UK Embassy Continues To Provide Visa Services To Kuwaitis, Expats According to an official source at the British Embassy in Kuwait, the embassy continues to provide visa services to citizens and expatriates, and the visa center located in the Al-Raya Tower continues... May 22, 2021 206 Category: Kuwait
Of Visa Trade Victims In Time Of Pandemic More than a year has passed since the visa-trading scandal was exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, its repercussions still create more problems and reveal thousands of victims who lost their sa... April 20, 2021 293 Category: Crime News
Granting Article 19 Residency For Expats The Ministry of Interior is about to initiate procedures for renewing residency for expats holding Article 19 through the General Administration of Residency Affairs. Article 19 residency permits an e... March 31, 2021 2319 Category: Expats
‘Workers Residences Expired’ – PAM Suspends Files Of Some Companies Director of Government Contracts and Projects Department at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Bassem Al-Enezi revealed that the authority has suspended the main files of companies that are assoc... March 30, 2021 750 Category: Expats
Residency Department Recommends Six Month Amnesty For Residency Visa Violators The General Department of Residency is calling for a ministerial decision to extend the amnesty period for 6 months to allow residency violators to amend their status and exempt them from fines incurr... March 11, 2021 1510 Category: Expats
Abu Dhabi Invites Expats To Explore Long-term Visa, Citizenship Options Abu Dhabi has launched a programme inviting all talented professionals, students and investors to settle down with their families in the UAE capital. Called Thrive in Abu Dhabi, the initiative seek... February 11, 2021 1538 Category: Information
Family Visas For Parents Still On Hold – Dip In Number Of Residence Violators Director General of Residency Affairs Brigadier General Hamad Al-Tawala says the number of expatriates outside the country whose residency permits expired during the period from March 12, 2020 to Janu... February 04, 2021 473 Category: Expats
PAM Hikes Cancellations; ‘Sanitation’ Chases Illegals According to official figures issued by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), the number of cancelled work permits of expatriates increased by 44 percent within just three working days (72 hours) f... January 30, 2021 615 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Faces Shortage Of Domestic Workers Call To Resume Issuing Of Visas The file of domestic workers in the country is witnessing great neglect by the decision-makers amid the absence of the government’s vision to address the issue of stopping the recruitment of new... December 29, 2020 497 Category: Visit Visa
46,000 Expats Of Visit Visa Did Not Exit Kuwait – 176,000 Residence Violators Still In The Country  As the deadline set by the Ministry of the Interior for residency violators to settle their status or leave the country expires tomorrow, the turnout of illegal expatriates to take advantag... December 29, 2020 741 Category: Visit Visa
4 New Categories Allowed To Transfer From Family Visa To Work Visa The Public Authority for Manpower has added 4 new categories that are allowed to transfer from a residence permit from family ( Article 22) , to a work permit (Article 18). After extensive study by sp... December 15, 2020 1320 Category: Work Visa
Medical Staff With Qualifications Can Transfer From Family To Work Visas Following recent decision suspending the transfer of those under family visas to work visas, Deputy Director General of Employment Affairs at the Public Authority for Manpower, Abdullah Al-Mutouteh, a... December 15, 2020 468 Category: Visit Visa
KD 9.6 Million Revenue Earned From Domestic Worker And Family Visa Fees  According to official data released by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), the state’s general budget for the current fiscal year 2020/2021 will generate KD 9.6 million as r... December 14, 2020 377 Category: Visit Visa
Transfer From Family Visa To Work Visa Needs Approval The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) is currently contemplating on allowing expatriates under dependent visa to transfer to work visa, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources. Sources said this c... December 09, 2020 854 Category: Visit Visa
Kuwait Set For Limited Extension Of Visit Visas  Kuwait will extend by one month some visit visas, after a grace period earlier given to visitors to leave ended earlier this week, according to a local newspaper. Al Rai, citing what it terme... December 02, 2020 871 Category: Automotive
Security Campaigns To Start Next Year To Arrest Residency Visa Violators Extensive and intense security campaigns will be launched at the beginning of next year 2021 targeting residency law violators who failed to take advantage of the December deadline to amend their stat... November 30, 2020 522 Category: Crime News
No Intention Of Renewing Visit Visa; Leave Before 30th Nov, 12 Midnight Approximately there are 130,000 residence violators in Kuwait whose residence has expired on 1st Jan 2020 and earlier who have not renewed their residence have been instructed to benefit from the dead... November 29, 2020 4442 Category: Visit Visa
Court Rejects Appeal Of MOI Colonel In Visa Trading Case The Court of Appeals ruled to reject the appeal submitted by an officer of rank “Colonel” from the Ministry of Interior and three of his accomplices, who are accused of causing a number of... November 25, 2020 288 Category: Crime News
60 Plus With High School Qualification And Below Can Transfer To Dependent Visa As the decision to ban the issuance of work permits for those who are 60 years of age and above for those holding a high school certificate or below comes into force at the beginning of next year, it ... November 18, 2020 861 Category: Information
Permission To Amend The Status Of Those Whose Residence Or Visa Has Expired From January 1, 2020 And Earlier Local Arabic newspaper Alrai reported that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh issued a decision allowing those whose residency or visa permits expired from January 1, 2020 an... November 10, 2020 3871 Category: Information