Traffic Violation Points In Kuwait
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Specific number of points assigned for every traffic violation and upon reaching a certain amount of points action is taken against the violator. Below is a summary taken from the Official Gazette.

1. 14 points - withdrawal of driving permit for 1month for 1st time violators.

2. 12 points – second time violation, 6months withdrawal of driving permit.

3. 10 points – third time violation, 9months withdrawal of driving permit.

4. 8 points – one year withdrawal of driving permit for 4the time violators.

5. 6 points – permanent withdrawal of driving license for 5th time violators


The points will be automatically deleted under the following 2 conditions.

1. Upon withdrawal of a driving permit

2. Non-repetition of any other violation within a year of the last violation


Point System in traffic Violations

1. Trespassing traffic red sign (4 Points)                  

2. Exceeding the maximum speed (4 Points)

3. Opposite road driving in high ways and ring roads (4 Points)

4. The license doesn’t permit to drive such a vehicle (3 Points) 

5. Driving a vehicle with a prior suspended license (3 Points) 

6. Performing vehicle race without permission, or in violation of the permissions (3 Points)                                

7. Driving recklessly or carelessly (3 Points)

8. Committing a disgraceful behavior inside the vehicle or allowing it to be happened (4 Points)        

9. Driving unlicensed vehicle (3 Points)

10. Driving a vehicle without its metal plate (3 Points)

11. Driving a vehicle whose metal plate was delivered by the Traffic Dept. but its numbers were      changed partly or wholly; or whose metal plate was not delivered by the Traffic Dept. and the original numbers were either written or changed (3 Points)

12. Filling on purpose formal forms with false information in order to obtain unlawfully some documents like vehicle license, driving license, driving teaching permission, or to obtain true copies of these documents (3 points)

13. Using a private car as a Taxi (3 Points)

14. Hindering or obstructing the traffic flow on purpose (2 Points)

15. Driving a vehicle without brakes or with damaged brakes (2 Points)

16. If the vehicle owner permitted his car to be driven by a driver who has not appropriate license or with no license at all or any other permission requested by law (2 Points)

17. Driving a vehicle whose metal plates numbers are not clear or unreadable (2 points)

18. Driving a vehicle with one metal plate; or whose color and shape were changed or placed in the wrong place of the car (1 Point)

19. Driving a vehicle without permission, or with expired permission, or in violation of a given permission (1 Point)

20. Decline to show vehicle license or driver’s driving license to the police (1 Point)

21. Exceeding the allowed cargo for transporting vehicles  (1 Point)

22. Transporting vehicles violations in terms of the dimensions, length, width, height and weight (1 Point)

23. Driving a vehicle with disturbing sounds (1 Point)

24. Emission of condensed smoke or bad smell from the vehicle (1 Point)

25. Driving a vehicle with volatile or combustible cargo or may affect the health or the road safety (1 Point)

26. Driving a vehicle with dropping materials that can be dangerous on the highway (1 Point)

27. Driving a defected vehicle or of defected tires which may influence its balance (1 Point)

28. Using lamps, magnifying sound or warning instrument not allowed by the law (1 Point)

29. Causing damage to traffic signs, light signs, control equipment; or changing their features, places, directions, or covering it by stickers (1 Point)

30. The driver doesn’t drive according to road lines or traffic signs (1 Point)

31. Driving over roads abutment (1 Point)

32. Turning around or entering in the opposite direction of the traffic (1 Point)

33. Driving a vehicle without a valid insurance policy (1 Point)

34. Replacement of a major part of the vehicle (1 Point)

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