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Online Residence Renewal For Expats Outside Kuwait Still On The online residency renewal for expatriates who are outside the country remains in effect, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting a senior security source. According to the source, the Residency Affairs G... January 13, 2022 731 Category: Expats
Online Driving Licence Renewal Re-started The General Traffic Department today morning restarted the online renewal facility for driving licenses for expatriates after stopping it for few weeks. According to sources, expatriates can access... December 29, 2021 710 Category: Driving License
Online License Renewal Set While driving licenses continue to be renewed and issued electronically for drivers on Article 20 (household drivers), security sources told Al-Rai that the service “will be available to everyon... December 28, 2021 733 Category: Kuwait
Issuing Of New Work Visas Through Online Soon.. The Public Authority for Manpower stated that the procedures for issuing new work permits will be done online. Currently applications for issuing work permits are submitted manually. Automation will b... November 27, 2021 682 Category: Work Visa
Online Renewal Of Visa To Continue For Expats Outside Kuwait Until Further Notice The Residency affair department said that there is no new laws regarding stopping of renewal of residence for those expats who are outside Kuwait. Which means that residence will continue to be renewe... November 23, 2021 2287 Category: Kuwait
MoI Completed Around 4 Million Transactions Online Since Its Launch The Ministry of Interior said that it has completed 3,846,869 transactions on MoI's online platform since its launch. The transactions includes online residency renewal, and passport renewal se... November 06, 2021 343 Category: Kuwait
Investors Who Were Unable To Attend The Headquarters Of The Brokerage Companies In Person Are Unable To Trade ‘online’ Investment sources said the process of updating the data of the clients of the brokerage companies operating in the Kuwait Stock Exchange, who hold dormant trading accounts, or those whose data is req... October 20, 2021 192 Category: Kuwait
Bid To Collect Rent Of Investment Apartments Online A decision will be issued soon to collect the rent of investment apartments through the electronic payment system, instead of cash, in order to protect public health, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting so... June 08, 2021 452 Category: Kuwait
MoCI Is Mulling Regulating Online Promotions With Fashionistas Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) is considering establishing regulations for advertising on social media, in a move to reorganize the advertising market by targeting companies and brands who a... May 22, 2021 317 Category: Kuwait
WHO Sets Online Page In Recognition Of Partnership With Kuwait The World Health Organization (WHO) had set up a special page on its website in recognition of Kuwait’s partnership with the organization in facing crises and health issues around the world. ... May 15, 2021 447 Category: Kuwait
PAM Launches Four New Online Services The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) announced that four new online services was introduced on its website to allow a worker to submit a request to transfer a work per... April 29, 2021 1308 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Interior: 2.7 Million Online Residency Transactions Completed Since The Launch Of The Service Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The General Department of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of the Interior revealed that 2.7 million residence transactions have been completed t... April 27, 2021 674 Category: Kuwait
PACI To Not Receive Any Appointments For Tasks That Can Be Completed Online The Council of Ministers and the Civil Service Bureau issued circular No. 4 of 2021 which instructs government agencies to reduce the number of employees working at a specific time and function at 30%... March 02, 2021 518 Category: Kuwait
Sponsors Renew Domestics Iqama Online A total of 599 residency renewal transactions for domestic workers (Article 20 visa) were processed through the official website of the Interior Ministry on Monday — the first day of launching t... January 06, 2021 493 Category: Information
Egyptian University Council Rejects Kuwait Request To Hold Online Exams Head of Kuwait’s Cultural Attache Office in Egypt Dr Ahmed Al-Mutairi revealed that the Egyptian University Council (EUC) rejected the request of Kuwait’s Cultural Attache Office in Cairo ... January 04, 2021 399 Category: Education
Renew Domestic Workers Residency Visas Online In January A new service will be introduced in January to allow residency visa renewals for Article 20 visas for domestic workers online for 24 hours, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced, Al Rai daily repor... December 22, 2020 850 Category: Visit Visa
More Than 2 Million Residence Transactions Done Online Statistics issued by Ministry of Interior shows it has completed 2,190,641 residency transactions and 591,346 transactions are in the process of completion since the launch of the ministry opened the ... December 19, 2020 413 Category: Information
More Than 2 Million Residency Visa Transactions Were Done Online - MOI The Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced that 2,190,641 transactions related to residency visa transactions were processed through MoI’s online website since the date the service was launched. ... December 19, 2020 886 Category: Information
Renewal Of Residency Permits For Article 20 Online Starting From January Local Arabic newspaper aljarida reported that the General Administration of Service Centers announced that the residency permits of Article 20 related to domestic workers and those with similar status... December 17, 2020 2073 Category: Kuwait
The Ministry Of Education: Training Courses For Teachers And Employees Are Online The Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs and Training at the Ministry of Education, Rajaa Bouaraki, announced the implementation of a project to convert training courses for the ministr... December 16, 2020 642 Category: Education
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