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EPA Makes Extensive Efforts To End 30-year-old Used Tires Crisis Since November 2020, the Environment Public Authority (EPA) has made extensive efforts to end the more than 30-year-old crisis of indiscriminately storing old vehicles tires in the desert of Kuwait, p... July 31, 2021 55 Category: Kuwait
EPA Issues Penalties To Violators Of Kuwait’s Marine Environment Environment Public Authority (EPA) on Tuesday issued a number of penalties of various environmental violations namely dumping waste and breaking rocks to catch hidden marine creatures. It said in a pr... July 27, 2021 180 Category: Kuwait
EPA refers 297 cases to public prosecution The Environment Public Authority referred 297 cases of environmental abuse to the Public Prosecution during the month of March, according to a statistic issued by the Environmental Compliance Departme... April 20, 2021 212 Category: Crime News
New Licenses For Firms To Dispose Off Old Tires The Environment Public Authority (EPA) issued on Monday new licenses to companies to dispose off used tires in the northern area of Al- Rahya, and to evacuate South Saad Al-Abdullah residential site f... January 04, 2021 269 Category: Information
EPA Issues New Licenses For Companies To Dispose Used Tires In Rahaya The Environment Public Authority (EPA) issued on Monday new licenses to companies to dispose used tires in the northern area of Rohaya, and to evacuate South Saad Al-Abdullah residential site from any... January 04, 2021 198 Category: Kuwait
PAHW To Acquire Tire Site Soon: EPA Director General of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad toured the used tire site in Arhiya area in South Saad Al-Abdullah area to check on the situation and deal with it a... December 06, 2020 243 Category: Information
EPA Teams Kick Start Campaigns On Beaches To Control Waste Dumping With the recent increase in the exit of citizens and residents to sheds on land and at sea, an informed source was quoted as saying that inspection teams, affiliated with the Environment Public Author... November 17, 2020 200 Category: Information
KD 250 Fine For Burning Coal EPA Warns Public The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has stressed the need for the public to remain committed to protecting the environment; especially now that more people are going out on picnics due to the good ... November 11, 2020 745 Category: Information
EPA To Remove Tires From Site, Hand Over Land To PAHW Soon The Environment Public Authority (EPA) affirmed it would dispose off the tires located within South Saad Al-Abdullah City Housing Project site, and hand over the land to the Public Authority for Housi... October 25, 2020 272 Category: Information
EPA Compiles 1st Climate Change Report Kuwait’s Environment Public Authority (EPA) has issued its inaugural report over the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which contains the latest information on how the Gulf ... October 01, 2019 243 Category: Kuwait
EPA, MoI Install Surveillance Cams On Beaches, Parks To Arrest Law Violators In a move aimed at controlling the environmental situation and arrest the violators of the law, the Environment Public Authority (EPA) in coordination with the Ministry of Interior has installed the s... May 13, 2019 287 Category: Kuwait
EPA Collects 340,000 Kuwaiti Dinars In Fines The Director-General of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad said the money collected by the EPA in terms of fines which is about 340,000 Kuwaiti dinars will be used to fina... March 12, 2019 543 Category: Kuwait
EPA Bans Import And Re-export Of African Parrots Board Chairman and Director General of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad issued a decision banning the importation of parrots and re-exportation of African grey parrots (... January 28, 2019 332 Category: Kuwait
EPA Finds Ships Violating Docking Rules The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has uncovered violations in a number of ships docked on the tidal zone at Kuwait Bay in Doha Industrial Area which caused oil deposits in the soil, reports Al-Ra... December 25, 2018 240 Category: Crime News
EPA Warns Not To Approach White Mushrooms Environment Public Authority (EPA) warned the public Sunday against approaching white mushrooms which appeared in different parts of Kuwait in the wake of the heavy rainfall. The white mushroom belong... November 27, 2018 336 Category: Kuwait
EPA Said Not Aware Of US Base Disposal Of Radioactive Waste On Kuwaiti Soil MP Osama Al-Shaheen affirmed the Environment Public Authority (EPA) spares no effort in bearing its responsibilities and implementing all directives and decrees. This came after the lawmaker submitted... November 05, 2018 343 Category: Kuwait
EPA Works On Enforcing Smoking Regulations In Closed,open Areas The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has disclosed that it is continuing to prepare offices for engineering advisory services which will be qualified to design and implement the requirements stipula... September 12, 2018 344 Category: Kuwait
EPA Referred Some Officials Of The Union Of Cooperative For Violating The Environmental Protection The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has referred some officials of the Union of Cooperative Societies and others to the Public Prosecution for violating the Environmental Protection Act No. 42 of 2... August 17, 2018 343 Category: Crime News
EPA Issues Rules To Settle Violations By Public The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has issued a regulation to settle environmental violations committed by individuals and corporate institutions through compensation if the two sides agree on a s... June 24, 2018 709 Category: Kuwait
EPA Seeks Hedge Against Oil Spill Kuwait's Environment Public Authority (EPA) said on Friday it was taking all appropriate measures in order to protect water outlets from an oil spill near southern Ras Al-Zour area, The EPA said i... August 11, 2017 670 Category: Kuwait