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Indemnity To Expat Employees Only On Leaving Country Decision by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to pay the end of service indemnity to expatriates working in the government sector only if they leave the country is causing confusion, with reports ind... January 08, 2022 9491 Category: Indemnity
Revise Salary Scale For Public Sector Employees MP Muhamad Al-Huwaila submitted a proposal to open outlets for selling locally produced vegetables, especially in the new areas. He suggested increasing the subsidy for Kuwaiti farm owners and reducin... November 28, 2021 466 Category: Kuwait
Rethinking Employee Engagement In Post-COVID Kuwait A recent survey among professionals in the country found that nearly two-thirds of respondents expect remote working trends that were put in place due to the COVID-19 crisis to continue in the same ve... October 31, 2021 230 Category: Kuwait
MEW To Tighten Employee Attendance, Opts For Faceprint Device The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy has started the face print devices on trial basis to mark the attendance of its employees. The Al-Rai daily said 150 employees will use these... October 12, 2021 259 Category: Kuwait
Excellent Work Rewards Based On Employee Performance, Not Attendance The authorities concerned with evaluating the performance of employees are preparing a different mechanism to calculate rewards for excellent work in government institutions and ministries to motivate... September 25, 2021 1656 Category: Kuwait
Will Not Allow Any Violation Of Employees’ Rights Minister of Education, Dr Ali Al-Mudhaf fully supports the demands of the ministry’s employees, and has stressed that he will not allow any violation of the law or the infringement of the rights... June 08, 2021 414 Category: Kuwait
Road Cleaner Robbed By Fake Municipality Employee      The Keifan police are looking for an unidentified person for impersonating an employee of the Kuwait Municipality and stealing 170 dinars from a Bangladeshi, reports Al-A... December 18, 2020 416 Category: Crime News
Virtual Communication Enhances Employee Productivity COVID-19 has brought about a remarkable shift in the way many businesses conduct their operations and engage with customers. Work From Home (WFH), online showrooms and other virtual communication tool... October 27, 2020 238 Category: Information
Rumble In The Health Center Between An Employee And A Visitor A health center in Hawalli Governorate turned into a battlefield, when a heated quarrel broke out between a Kuwaiti citizen working in the center and an expat who went to health center for medical che... October 07, 2020 2456 Category: Information
Bangladeshi And An Employee At Ahmadi Traffic Department Earned KD 30,000 Bribe From Expats The Ministry of Interior opened its doors for Kuwaitis and expats to renew their vehicle registration without requiring them to inspect their vehicles for examination but needed to book a prior appoin... September 29, 2020 1519 Category: Crime News
Dentist And An Employee Rumble In The Parking Lot A dentist and an employee of the dental clinic have been referred for interrogations for fighting in the parking lot of the clinic, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The daily added both men were arrested... September 18, 2020 520 Category: Crime News
Company’s Hall Named After Indian Employee unh Abdulla Kada Lambathure (60), a native of Payyoli, Kozhikode, received a rare posthumous award in the Gulf after succumbing to coronavirus while working in Kuwait. Kunh Abdulla, a Keralite, spent... September 14, 2020 736 Category: Information
Corona Virus: Death Of An Employee From Salmiya Cooperative Society The Salmiya Cooperative Society announced the death of one of its employees as a result of being infected with the virus and the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors mourned the deceased of ... June 17, 2020 1034 Category: Coronavirus
New Law Increases Daily Fine For Residency Violation To KD 20 In the past few weeks, the regulations in the expatriate residency law have undergone a fundamental review, covering most of its articles, with the aim of putting an end to the phenomenon of visa trad... June 03, 2020 6295 Category: Kuwait
Al-Shamiya Co-operativ Society Closed After An Employee Was Infected By Corona Al-Shamiya Co-operative Society closed the building of the public administration 7 days after confirming the infection of one of the workers with the new Corona virus “In light of the excepti... April 29, 2020 860 Category: Coronavirus
An Employee Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Infected With Corona Virus Al-Qabas  published  that a staff member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was infected with the Corona virus. The sources stated that the injured is an administrative affairs employee in t... April 23, 2020 647 Category: Coronavirus
Employers Have No Right To Fire Employees Due To Coronavirus , According To Article 41 Of The Labor Law KUWAIT: Many workers have lost their jobs since the country went on a coronavirus lockdown. As Kuwait imposed a partial curfew and closed its borders, airports and businesses and suspended schools, ma... April 08, 2020 2820 Category: Coronavirus
Employee On Leave, Did Not Return To Work – But Comes To Kuwait And Goes Back One of our employees left our company taking 5 days emergency leave and went to India but he didn’t come back for 4 months. We did not cancel his visa assuming it will automatically be void afte... February 21, 2020 1258 Category: Legal
Termination Of Employee Without Valid Reason According to the Kuwait Labour Law an employer has the right to terminate the services of the employee without prior notice and without paying the employee’s indemnity and compensation, if an em... February 14, 2020 2199 Category: Legal
Can Company Transfer Visa Of Employee To Another Company Without The Knowledge Of Employee? Can my company transfer my visa to another company without my knowing or without my permision in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: No, the company has no right to transfer your visa without your kno... December 27, 2019 738 Category: Legal
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