KD 2K Compensation For A Female Kuwaiti Employee
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The Administrative Court, presided over by Judge Emad Al-Habeeb, nullified the job performance appraisal of a female employee in the Ministry of Education and ordered payment of KD 2,000 compensation for her.

Case files indicate the employee was unfairly appraised by the authority of the school she was working for, given that she accomplished all her duties as a teacher perfectly, in addition to her attendance record compared to her other colleagues who were given perfect scores despite some shortcomings in their overall performance.

In her defense was Attorney Mubarak Al-Nuweibit who urged the court to nullify the appraisal rating of his client due to irregularities of the appraisal process conducted by the school’s authority. He also urged the court to instruct the school to pay compensation to his client for the emotional damage she suffered due to the unfair rating she received and unfair decision made by the school’s administration. Al-Nuweibit presented all the necessary documents to the court, showing her actual performance and along with the appraisals of her colleagues who received excellent rating, in addition to the record of dispute between his client and the administration of the school.



11 Apr, 2016 1167
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