Ministry Move To Cause Chaos In Fish Market, Drive Away Exporters
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A specialist researcher who spoke on condition of anonymity said the decision by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to cut the caudal fin (tail) of imported fish to distinguish it from local fish will cause chaos in the fish market and drive away the exporters to seek markets elsewhere, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily quoting the researcher said this is kind of distortion of imported goods ‘without right’. Such acts are not practiced by any country around the world. According to him approximately 50 tons of fish enter the country every day and cutting or trimming the tail is almost next to impossible which can only help increase the price of local fish and disturb exporters.

In an exclusive statement to the daily, he said, the decision if implemented will call for opening of offices at the airport to ensure the exporting country has ‘amputated’ the fish, which can render the fish inedible at the point of destination particularly in summer and if delay is caused while transferring the fish from one airport to another and from the airport to the market.

He explained the process of transporting fish has been very smooth but the decision will cause the suspension of dozens of shipments per day because of inspection and delay in loading and unloading. He pointed out that since the transfer of imported fish Market in Mubarakiya market Souk Sharq, the prices of fish fell dramatically, but talking about changing the transfer of imported fish market to another place will raise prices, and stressed that the duty of the Ministry of Commerce is to protect the consumer by studying any decision before taking it.

The researcher pointed out that the imported fish is not of the same quality. How can we then distinguish the fish? Moreover, any ‘tailcut’ fish will mean it is not local fish. He pointed out the fish trade according to its origin is a wrong practice.

The basis of buying the fish is its freshness, whatever the origin. He wondered if it is logical to take a decision that would raise fish prices just to prevent a number of fishmongers from cheating.

Is it not the job of the Ministry of Commerce to tighten the supervision and inspection of fishmongers who cheat instead of distorting the goods in a procedure that prevents the fish exporters from sending fish to Kuwait? Since when has the distortion of goods become a means of preventing fraud? He called on the Ministry of Commerce to reconsider this decision and study and reach logical solutions that preserve the rights of citizens and expatriates.

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