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Drugs Smuggled In Imported Fish The Ministry of Interior announced Tuesday, that the Criminal Security Sector represented by the General Department of Narcotics Control managed to arrest a resident of Arab nationality after bringing... June 01, 2021 560 Category: Crime News
Mullet ‘fishing Season’ Set For Launch From June 15 The Director General of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yousef Al-Sabah has issued a decision to launch the mullet fishing season in Kuwait... May 30, 2021 310 Category: Food
Security Controls Overcrowding At The ‘fish Market’ In reaction to what was published by the Al-Qabas newspaper and the video clips posted in the social media, the government moved to control the fish market, after seeing overcrowding, chaos and disres... February 14, 2021 220 Category: Kuwait
Fixing Maximum Prices For Local Fish In All Malls And Outlets The Ministry of Trade and Industry issued a circular requiring fixing the maximum prices for local fish in all shopping centers and outlets. The “Commerce” said in the circula... February 13, 2021 316 Category: Kuwait
Proposal To Suspend Fish Auctions At Sharq Market According to reliable sources, Kuwait Municipality will submit a proposal to the Health Precautions Committee to suspend fish auctions at the Sharq Market, reports Al-Qabas daily. They attributed the ... October 25, 2020 443 Category: Information
Local Fish Returns To Tables After Absence Of More Than 6 Months  Finally, our local fish returned to our tables after more than six months of absence, as the Fish Market in Sharq resumed auctioning of Kuwaiti fish in the afternoon and imported fish in the mor... October 21, 2020 388 Category: Business
Auction Of Local Fish Returns To ‘normal’ The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced the public auction for the sale of local fish will return to what it called ‘normal’ beginning from Saturday, immediately after the noon pra... October 19, 2020 314 Category: Business
Empty Stands In The Fish And Vegetables Market In Jleeb Raise Questions – Is It For Visa Trading? At a time when it is necessary to tighten controls on the local market to protect consumers from manipulation of prices, it was observed that there are empty stands in the fish and vegetables market i... July 28, 2020 1944 Category: Kuwait
Mead Fish Back To The Market Mead fish has returned to the market after the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources decided to resume its fishing season on June 15 instead of the first of July as practiced an... June 15, 2020 1893 Category: Food
Parallel Markets Spring Up Selling Fish Outside At High Rates   In an unprecedented phenomenon that targets fishmongers inside the fish market and prevents them from obtaining their livelihood, parallel markets are now operated by offices selling fish ou... June 09, 2020 612 Category: General
Fish Mongers Are Still Waiting For The Local Fish The Souk Sharq Fish Market opened its doors for the public after a long absence but the fish mongers are unhappy because all that is available is imported fish while the fish mongers are still waiting... June 03, 2020 707 Category: Kuwait
Municipality Adds Fish And Vegetables Market Into Website The municipality of Kuwait has included appointment dates for entering the fish and vegetables market from 6:30 am in the morning until 5:00 pm in the evening on the website: The Und... June 01, 2020 1202 Category: Kuwait
KISR Launches Hunt For Thief Who Stole Various Types Of Fish, Spoiled Research The specialists at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) are conducting a comprehensive survey to count the types and numbers of fish that have been stolen by an unknown person at night ... December 17, 2019 243 Category: Crime News
New Regulations For Fish Auctions Minister of Commerce and Industry issued new regulations for fish auctions in Kuwait. According to the new regulations, fish and shrimp cannot be auctioned except by a broker licensed by the Mini... November 11, 2019 408 Category: Kuwait
Instructions And Directives To Support Local Market For Supply Of Fish And Shrimps The Council of Ministers has issued instructions and directives to support the local market for the supply of fish and shrimps and maintain their strategic stocks in Kuwaiti territorial waters in the ... July 24, 2019 430 Category: Kuwait
Fish Can Fetch KD 500? The shamahi (micropogonias) fish was sold for a phenomenal price recently at an auction at the Sharq market, reports Al-Rai daily. The head of the fishermen’s association Zaher Al-Suwaiyan at... July 11, 2019 779 Category: Kuwait
Fishing Stromateus Fish In Kuwait’s Territorial Waters Will Be Banned From July 1 To July 15 Head of Kuwait Fishermen Society Dhaher Al-Suwayan disclosed that fishing stromateus fish in Kuwait’s territorial waters will be banned from Saturday, June 1 to July 15. In a press release, he u... June 02, 2019 458 Category: Kuwait
Dead Fish Seasonal Phenomenon The seasonal mortality of fish in Kuwait’s territorial waters continues as large quantities of dead fish were washed ashore on Shuwaikh beach recently, reports Al-Rai daily. In this context, Dir... April 29, 2019 224 Category: Kuwait
7,000 Kg Of Spoiled Fish From Iran Confiscated, Destroyed Imported Food Department confiscated a cargo containing 7,000 kilograms of spoiled fish that arrived at Kuwait International Airport from Iran, reports Al-Seyassah daily. According to the Director ... January 22, 2019 287 Category: Crime News
Ministry Move To Cause Chaos In Fish Market, Drive Away Exporters A specialist researcher who spoke on condition of anonymity said the decision by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to cut the caudal fin (tail) of imported fish to distinguish it from local fish w... January 18, 2019 733 Category: Kuwait