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According to the Al-Qabas daily, the Kuwait Audit Bureau (KAB) has issued a warning against tampering with the employment file in state agencies while also exposing the lack of standards to determine rare and specialised expertise and qualifications to fill positions in private contracts in government agencies.

According to the Bureau's annual report, which was just released, "suspicions and abuse of position by some senior officials regarding employment of Kuwaitis in contracts, by employing their first and second degree relatives under the secondment clause without justification" had been observed. Other observations were made, according to the report, including "the employment of Kuwaiti workers with qualifications below what is required by contractors to complete positions, as well as a conflict of interest while filling these positions."

The Bureau cited the non-announced appointments to government positions as well as the large number of non-Kuwaitis working in positions reserved exclusively for Kuwaitis. The Bureau also kept an eye on the number of open positions that continued to exist in accordance with the authorized organisational structure, employment that violated the requirements for education and experience, and the payment of bonuses to employees without a valid justification.

The number of private contracts concluded with non-Kuwaitis reached 23 and 105 employees in administrative positions, in violation of the rules and regulations that stipulate that preference should be given to Kuwaitis who meet the conditions. The indicated Arab and foreign nationalities are appointed in one of the authorities without compliance with those rules and regulations.

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