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The Ministry Of Works Has 637 Positions Available For Citizens According to Ministry of Public Works sources, Minister Ali Al-Mousa stressed the importance of filling job vacancies in all sectors of the ministry by employing national cadres in the jobs that the m... May 09, 2022 57 Category: Kuwait
Teaching Jobs Are Filled By Non-Kuwaiti Teachers; Preference Is Given To Children Of Kuwaiti Women Married To Bedouins Dr. Ali Al-Yaqoub, the Ministry of Education's Undersecretary, announced the ministry's need for non-Kuwaiti instructors with university degrees to serve in public schools in the next academic... March 19, 2022 346 Category: Kuwait
Expatriates To Be Fully Replaced In Kuwait's Government By August According to Al Anba, citing close sources in the government, a similar decision will be made by the Civil Service Commission by August in government institutions except for those for teachers, doctor... February 09, 2022 960 Category: Kuwait
‘Look For Jobs In Statistical Bureau’ The Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and the Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Dr. Rana Al-Fares called on citizens to apply for job opportunities to work in field... February 02, 2022 129 Category: Kuwait
Priority For Jobs In Govt Sector As Per CSC Decree The decree of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) regarding appointment to government jobs preserves the priority of appointment for citizens who hold various certificates and specializations, reports ... January 25, 2022 249 Category: Kuwait
Breakthrough Expected In Providing Govt Jobs With Certain Specializations A breakthrough in the provision of government jobs for citizens with certain specializations will be witnessed soon, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources. Sources disclosed there has been no movement... January 17, 2022 350 Category: Kuwait
‘Provide Kuwaitis Jobs In The Public Sector’ Reliable sources revealed the government tendency to compel government agencies to identify the job opportunities for national cadres, when submitting any modern construction projects within the devel... December 23, 2021 196 Category: Kuwait
PAM Pushes For Kuwaitization Of Jobs In ‘government Contracts’ The Deputy Director-General of the National Labor Sector at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), Abdullah Al-Mutatah, said work is underway to strengthen the issue of Kuwaitizing jobs in the gover... December 02, 2021 325 Category: Kuwait
Nationals Opt For Government Jobs Due To Stability Besides the millions of lives lost due to COVID-19 infections, the global pandemic had a wide ranging impact on the economic and social life of people around the world. In Kuwait repercussions from th... November 27, 2021 162 Category: Kuwait
4,682 Look For Government Jobs The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced 4,682 Kuwaitis have registered with the central employment system to work in government sector. Among the candidates are 2,569 applicants with a univers... November 23, 2021 249 Category: Kuwait
Bill Prioritizes Kuwaitization Of Embassy, Consulate Jobs Abroad MP Osama Al-Menawer submitted a bill on nationalizing jobs in Kuwaiti embassies and consulates. According to the bill, the contracts that the Civil Service Commission (CSC), Ministry of Foreign Affair... November 22, 2021 175 Category: Kuwait
Jobs Important File For Upcoming Govt The employment file is the most important file for the upcoming government. There are three main components that it must achieve according to the development and economic indicators – regulating... November 21, 2021 243 Category: Kuwait
Move To Create Job Opportunities In Professional Specializations Dr Hashem Al-Tabtabaei, the team leader of the Job Creators Program organized by the Public Authority for Youth, announced that the project aims at creating job opportunities in professional specializ... November 03, 2021 271 Category: Kuwait
Jleeb Development Sought MP Bader Al- Humaidi said he submitted two bills in coordination with Kuwait Municipality; indicating these bills will be considered a qualitative leap once approved as they will contribute to ongoing... October 30, 2021 248 Category: Kuwait
70 Percent Kuwaitis Will Queue For Jobs In Five Years The economic reports say the government will be unable to employ 70% of Kuwaitis seeking jobs over the next five years, indicating that the actual capacity for employment during the mentioned period w... October 30, 2021 410 Category: Kuwait
Over 300 Kuwaitis Take Written Tests For Muezzin Jobs More than 300 Kuwaiti nationals have taken their written tests for working as muezzins and mosque imams, a government official has said, as the country is seeking to create more jobs for its citizens.... October 28, 2021 204 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait To Create 100,000 Jobs For Citizens In Private Sector In 4 Years Amid growing burden of youth employment in the public sector and the high unemployment rate, Kuwait’s Cabinet has assigned the Public Authority for Manpower to create a clear and feasible plan f... September 30, 2021 358 Category: Kuwait
Work Permits To Be Issued For Those With Qualifications Linking Their Jobs Kuwait has made great strides in linking job descriptions to educational levels, as it was able to link 1,855 job titles to educational qualifications until the end of August 2021, reports Al-Qabas da... September 22, 2021 7903 Category: Work Visa
10,780 Citizens Hired In Government In 5 Months The service of 2,089 resident employees working in the Kuwaiti government was ended during the five months from March to August, while 10,780 Kuwaiti employees were appointed during the same period, t... September 19, 2021 290 Category: Kuwait
KPC Announces Over 100 Jobs For Experienced Kuwaitis According to reliable sources from the oil sector, the announcement made by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries to provide jobs for experienced Kuwaiti citizens on its contract... September 11, 2021 333 Category: Kuwait
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