Is Kuwait Really Banning Degree Holders Under 30 Yrs Next Year
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I was wondering if Kuwait is really banning degree holders under 30 years starting January the first or is it just a proposal? I’m currently working as waitress for 3 months in Kuwait but I have a degree in engineering but soon I would like to search for a job in engineering, to switch. If they indeed ban younger people from working in Kuwait. Will I be able to get a job? Even though I already have work visa as a waitress in Kuwait?

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Answer: The ban you are talking about is a proposal which was recently floated by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM). To the best of our knowledge, nothing official has been issued about this proposal since it was first made. Granting that this proposal is accepted by government and a law issued to that effect, we believe that it would effect only future recruitments from outside Kuwait and not those who are already working in the country. Note that laws passed these days are not back-dated and Kuwait has not been an exception to this development.


23 Nov, 2017 1761
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