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Kuwaiti MPs Submit Bill Banning Any Dealings With Israel Five Kuwaiti MPs have submitted a new draft law stipulating a jail sentence of between one and three years for people and authorities dealing with or travelling to Israel, local media reported. The... May 22, 2021 666 Category: Kuwait
The Interior Ministry: We Dealt With A Number Of Violators Of The Decisions Banning Gatherings In Al-Abdali The Ministry of Interior announced that the Public Security Sector, represented by the Jahra Governorate Security Directorate, has dealt with a number of people in the Abdali region due to their viola... October 10, 2020 895 Category: Information
Kuwait Relaxes Book Censorship Laws, After Banning Thousands Of Titles In Last 7 Years After banning almost 5,000 books in the last seven years, Kuwait’s government has relaxed its book censorship laws in a move that has been welcomed by writers and free speech activists, reports ... August 27, 2020 549 Category: Kuwait
No Import Of Drones Without Permission From MOI Minister of Commerce and Industry Khalid Al-Roudhan issued a decree banning the import of all types of unmanned aerial vehicles of all sizes, which are operated by remote control system and equipped w... November 02, 2019 260 Category: Kuwait
Banning Soft Drinks In Schools To coincides with the launch of the ‘healthy school canteen’ project to protect students’ health, the Ministry of Education (MoE) moves forward with banning soft drinks in schoo... September 30, 2019 207 Category: Kuwait
Obstacles In Banning ‘sheesha’ Director of the Legal Affairs Department at the Municipal Council Rajaan Al-Ghareeb said in response to a question by member Abdulsalam Al- Rundi about obstacles to the banning sheesha because of the ... May 26, 2019 738 Category: Kuwait
Experts Reacting To The Law On Conflict Of Interests Reacting to the recentlyissued law on conflict of interests, a number of experts affirmed that the law contradicts articles 18, 33, 34 and 50 of the Kuwaiti Constitution. They urged the Parliament ... March 29, 2018 530 Category: Kuwait
Is Kuwait Really Banning Degree Holders Under 30 Yrs Next Year I was wondering if Kuwait is really banning degree holders under 30 years starting January the first or is it just a proposal? I’m currently working as waitress for 3 months in Kuwait but I have... November 23, 2017 1756 Category: Legal
CSC Issues Circular Banning Microwaves, Coffee Makers, Toasters In Office Premises - Workers Union Denounces Action The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has issued a circular to employees according to which, the use of microwaves, coffee makers, toasters and the like are forbidden to be used in office premises, repor... October 13, 2017 1600 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Denies Banning Asharq Al Awsat Newspaper The Information Ministry denied banning UK-based daily newspaper Asharq Al Awsat from circulation on Kuwaiti territories It issued a statement refuting the allegations and dismissing rumo... August 08, 2017 624 Category: Kuwait
More Sectors In Saudi Arabia To Be Closed For Expatriates Saudi Arabia is planning to confine five sectors to Saudi nationals, effectively banning thousands of foreigners from taking up jobs in them. The labour ministry will build on the latest success of it... July 25, 2017 507 Category: Kuwait
MOJ Has Activated The Law Banning Smoking In Closed And Public Places Minister of Justice and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Dr Faleh Al-Azab has activated the law banning smoking in closed and public places, while unveiling his intention to ask the help o... July 25, 2017 503 Category: Crime News
MOH Banning The Sale Of Pharmaceutical Products Inside Cooperative Societies In reaction to the decision of the Health Ministry banning the sale of pharmaceutical products inside cooperative societies, supermarkets and perfume stores as per the executive decree of Law No. 28/2... July 18, 2017 502 Category: Kuwait
Banning The Renewal Of Family Visa Has Caused Serious Crisis The recent decision announced by the Ministry of Interior banning the renewal of family visa for parents, siblings and other relatives of expatriate workers, except children and spouses, has caused se... June 01, 2017 2972 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Free Of New Bird Flu Strain Kuwait is free of the new deadly strain of avian influenza, known as bird flu (H5N1), the Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resource (PAAAFR) affirmed yesterday. Livestock and poultry p... May 14, 2017 1107 Category: Kuwait
PAAAFR Announced That The Perished Fish In The Gulf Waters Has Diminished Kuwait’s Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) announced on Sunday that the perished fish phenomenon in the Gulf waters has diminished. A press release by PAAA... May 08, 2017 605 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait To Consider Banning Recruitment Of Expats From Public Sector Jobs In line with a pending special report on changes to Kuwait’s demographic structure, officials are considering halting the recruitment of expats in the public sector with the exception of those w... October 30, 2016 2657 Category: Kuwait
Parliamentarian Suggested Banning Mobile Phones On Duty For Passport Counter Staff MP Yousef Al-Zalzalah strongly criticized the passport counter staff at Kuwait International Airport, saying that their behavior with arriving passengers is very ‘reckless’. Zalzalah ... May 01, 2016 1969 Category: Kuwait
GCC Started Banning Travelers From Leaving Borders Without Paying Fines Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain have started banning Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) travelers from leaving their borders without paying fines for traffic violations they commit in any member sta... April 10, 2016 1338 Category: Kuwait
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