Is It Possible To Transfer Residence From Factory Visa To Company Visa
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I have been working in a well known company for the past one and half years. They have now terminated me and given me the release to transfer to another firm. And I have got a good offer from a company (which is not a factory). But the problem is my visa was with a factory and I have an engineering degree certificate which has been attested by the Kuwait embassy.

My question is whether is it possible to transfer my residence from factory to company?

Or I have to pay KD 350 to transfer?

Is the degree certificate an additional advantage for transfer?

Kindly please update me on the current rules and possibilities to transfer my residence.

This will be very helpful for me as I don’t have much time.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately for you the factory visa can’t be transferred to any other sector regardless of any payment. It also doesn’t matter these days what education you have. So, no transfer.



06 Nov, 2016 1115
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