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The White House: Trump Was Transferred To Walter Reed Military Hospital Medical sources inside the White House said that US President Donald Trump will be transferred to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington. Trump's doctor added that the president is tired, ... October 03, 2020 438 Category: International
265 Company Files Transferred To Prosecution For Human Trafficking And Residency Issues The Minister of Affairs and Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Al-Aqeel, revealed that in the last 10 years 4,497 government contracts were concluded and 419,421 expats were holding reside... September 13, 2020 1109 Category: Crime News
146 Citizens Transferred To Quarantine In 1st Repatriation Day The Ministry of Health said Monday 146 citizens who were repatriated yesterday were transferred to mandatory quarantine while the remaining 2,933 were sent to home quarantine. Six persons were tran... April 21, 2020 673 Category: Coronavirus
Visit Visa Cannot Be Transferred To Private Sector Work Visa The transfer from visit visa to residency permit is not applicable for transferring to private sector work visa, sources confirmed. Earlier, the authorities issued a new directive to transfer visit... October 31, 2019 4159 Category: Visit Visa
Locally Transferred Visa 18 Wants To Change The Job Before 1 Yr I am an Indian female working in the private sector on Visa 18. Before Visa 18, I was on Visa 22. My Visa 18 is valid from 8th October, 2018. This is the first visa for me from my company. For better ... March 12, 2019 975 Category: Legal
Project Visa Transferred To Main File And Driving Licence Related To Designation Change First I came to Kuwait on project visa in June 2006 upon completion of project then my company transferred my residence to the Main file of the same company and same sponsor. Now I have the followi... December 24, 2018 2004 Category: Project Visa
Transferred From Company Visa To Project Visa – Can I Transfer Back To Company Visa I entered Kuwait in June 2006 on a company visa, not a project visa. In December 2008 I got released from that company and since then my visa is project visa till now in KOC project. So, I want to kno... October 24, 2018 1710 Category: Project Visa
New Company Formed, Residence Transferred To New Company – Will Indemnity Continue I would like to ask about my indemnity. I was working in a company for the last 10 years with the company having same issues. So the owner formed a new company and transferred our residence to the new... October 19, 2018 2418 Category: Indemnity
Holders Of Certificates Lower Than Diploma And 65 Years Residence Wont Be Renewed Or Transferred The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, in cooperation with a number of institutions including Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and representatives... August 26, 2018 545 Category: Kuwait
Transfer Of Factory Visa – Came To Kuwait On Company Visa My colleague entered Kuwait on company visa 18. He later shifted to factory visa and was there for 4 years. Can he transfer to company visa again? What is the procedure? Name withheld Answer: Si... May 13, 2018 1994 Category: Legal
Transferred From Company Visa To Project Visa Have No Problem In Reverting I have been working on a company visa for the last 15 years, currently I got good offer to work on oil and gas project. If I finish the project period, can I transfer my visa again to company visa? Wi... May 02, 2018 2512 Category: Project Visa
Jahra Police Station Will Be Closed For 3 Months To Carry Out Repairs Works Jahra Police Station will be closed for 3 months from 16/4/2017 till 16/7/2017 to carry out repairs and maintenance works, The complaints will be received at Al-Naeem police station.   SOUR... April 09, 2017 2781 Category: Information
MOI Announced That Capital Residency Affairs Transferred To Hawally The MOI announced that the department of residency affairs of Capital governorate which was located in Shuwaikh area will be transferred to the old department of residency affairs of Hawally from Sund... April 07, 2017 3463 Category: Information
MOSA Revealed That The Salaries Of Indian Laborers Have Been Transferred To Their Bank Accounts Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh revealed that the salaries of Indian laborers who are working for a company under contract with Ministry of Electricity and Water have been transfer... March 30, 2017 1571 Category: Kuwait
Is It Possible To Transfer Residence From Factory Visa To Company Visa I have been working in a well known company for the past one and half years. They have now terminated me and given me the release to transfer to another firm. And I have got a good offer from a compan... November 06, 2016 1120 Category: Legal
Traffic Department Chief Transferred To Land Border Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid issued three decisions transferring three assistant undersecretaries to new departments. Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna was moved from... August 25, 2016 1036 Category: Information
Locally Transferred From Article 20 To Article 18 Wants Release Before 3 Years I have been working with an organization as an engineer for the past 1.7 years. I locally transferred from Article 20 to Article 18 (i.e., Khadim to Shoon) on August 2014 on salary of KD 200. ... July 17, 2016 3089 Category: Legal
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