How To Get Your Civil ID Faster
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In previous years, we would get our Civil ID in days, but nowadays, many people are not receiving their civil ID even after waiting for months. Children below the age of five get civil IDs immediately, possibly because they do not have Kuwait Mobile ID separately.

Are we still required to have Civil IDs when everyone and everywhere accepts Kuwait Mobile IDs as proof of identification?

When you don't receive your civil ID and you have a genuine reason why you need one, just go to the PACI Head office and request them at the counter, then they will update the system, you can check your civil id status after two days it will be ready.

Then you can visit the Head office to collect the Civil ID or you can get the Civil ID delivered using PACI delivery services.

There are some people paying 15 KD for faster civilid delivery, but you don't have to do that. Just go to PACI's office instead.

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