Getting Ready Early For Next Hajj Season Is Essential

26 July 2023 Hajj And Umrah

Al-Qabas daily reports that the Ministry of Awqaf, through its Department of Hajj and Umrah Affairs, notified approved Hajj expeditions of the need to prepare early for the upcoming Hajj season. According to reliable sources, a number of mechanisms and procedures will be adopted, most notably the completion of housing contracts and holy sites on February 25.

Hajj visas will be issued starting March 1. The electronic track and the issuance of visas will be closed on April 29. The arrival of pilgrims to the holy land will begin on May 9. Electronic registration through the designated platform will open on September 1 for a period of two months. The sorting process will be according to three proposals, which will be submitted to the Higher Committee for Hajj to approve one of them. Priority will be given to those who have not performed Hajj previously.

These are the three proposals:

• The first proposal – according to the lottery system.

• The second proposal – according to the age ratios, which are - From the age of 50 years and over – by 25 percent of the 8,000 pilgrims – From the age of 30 to 49 years – by 50 percent – From the age of 18 to 30 years – by 25 percent.

• The third proposal – according to the oldest. Another proposal will be presented to the Higher Committee for Hajj, which is to divide the campaigns into three categories, namely:

1. The golden category – five percent of the pilgrims, as it will be required to provide five-star services, most notably modern cars of no less than 2024 model, and hotels overlooking the Haram and close to the central area, in addition to all VIP services.

2. The silver category – it is obligated to provide services such as housing near the sanctuary and not overlooking it, or in the central area, and cars of no less than 2021 model to pilgrims of this category.

3. The bronze category – it is obligated to provide four-star services only.

In response to rising Hajj prices, the Ministry of Religious Endowments will adopt a new mechanism to reduce pilgrim costs, which will be announced soon after discussion.


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