Driving License Issue With Diploma And University Degree
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I worked in the ministry for the last 12 years and hold a driving licence issued in 2016, recently I joined a private company and my salary is KD 1,400. I hold a diploma and a university degree, the issue is they have put my educational qualification in work permit as diploma as they said the title they have put in my work permit doesn’t match with my university degree, sir will this affect my driving licence. Please do maintain my anonymity.

Name withheld

Answer: We do not think this should affect your driving licence since the eligibility rule for a licence talks about university degree holder and nothing about the degree’s relationship to the type of work you do. We advise that you should get your degree attested if you have not yet done so, in order that if the issue of your qualification crops up as regard your driving licence, you can prove to them that you also hold a degree in addition to your diploma. Having said all that we have said we must caution that the prerogative of granting or revoking a licence is the exclusive preserve of the Traffic Department and they can decide on the issue regardless of what we have said here.



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