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Diploma And Above Condition For Transferring Residence In Private Sector The Public Authority for Manpower stated that all workers in the private sector who have academic qualifications from diploma level and above must have their degrees approved before transferring resid... January 21, 2021 1357 Category: Information
Diploma And Above Is A Condition For Transferring Residency Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The Public Authority for Manpower stipulated that all workers in the private sector who have academic qualifications from diploma level and above must have t... January 20, 2021 1935 Category: Expats
Driving License Issue With Diploma And University Degree I worked in the ministry for the last 12 years and hold a driving licence issued in 2016, recently I joined a private company and my salary is KD 1,400. I hold a diploma and a university degree, the i... December 04, 2019 7627 Category: Driving License
Diploma Holder Applying For Driving License And Categories Exempted I am a technician in KNPC. I have a diploma in engineering. I came to Kuwait in August, 2018. Can I apply for driving licence? I saw a news that technicians working in oil field are exempted from crit... November 12, 2019 19497 Category: Driving License
Driving License For Diploma Holder ? I would like to know whether I can apply for a driving licence. I am in Kuwait since 2017 and getting KD 650 salary mentioned in the work permit also. My visa profession is Mechanic, and I have diplom... April 30, 2019 521 Category: Driving License
Names On Diploma Cheats Must Await Finding Of Guilt MP Osama Al- Shaheen asserted that the fraudulent credentials issue would not have happened if not for the negligence and poor management of governmental bodies, in addition to the weak performance of... July 26, 2018 694 Category: Kuwait
Ban On Under-30 Diploma Hires Cancelled Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Minister of State for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh said the administrative decision which banned the issuance of work permits to foreigners holding diplomas an... May 27, 2018 747 Category: Kuwait
Diploma In Computer Engineering, But On Work Permit Systems Analyst – Do I Need To Register In KSE I am a 3 years Polytechnic Diploma holder (Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering mentioned in the certificate) from India and presently working as ‘System Analyst’ (Muhalil Nudum) in... April 24, 2018 2530 Category: Kuwait Society of Engineers
Driving License For A Diploma Holder From A University I have an inquiry regarding the driving licence. My current salary is KD 650 and my designation is a supervisor. I hold a technical diploma from a university and I have completed 2 years in Kuwait. Ca... March 28, 2018 4288 Category: Driving License
Ban On Recruitment Of Expats Below 30 Years Of Age For Degree Holders Need your advice on below 2 points: 1) Ban on recruitment of expats below 30 years of age. 2) 2 years passport validity for family visa. Recently news was published that no work permit will b... November 18, 2017 3757 Category: Legal
Driving License For Diploma Holder I have an inquiry regarding driving licence. My current salary is KD 600 and my designation is salesman. I hold a technical diploma from a university. Can I get a driving licence? Name withheld ... August 12, 2017 1736 Category: Driving License
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