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Gulf Country Driving License Changing To Kuwait Driving License I am working as a senior supervisor in Kuwait. I hold Oman driving license. I am a postgraduate and my certificates are attested. Kindly advise me whether I am eligible for Kuwait driving license or p... September 13, 2019 1976 Category: Driving License
Driving License For A Diploma Holder I have been working in a company as a ‘Electrical technician’ since Dec 2017 to till date and having salary of less than KD 600 but next year will be increased to KD 600. I entered Kuwait ... August 27, 2019 20434 Category: Legal
Kuwaiti Driving License For Housewife My wife (visa type 22) is under my sponsorship living in Kuwait since last three years. I am an Engineer by profession duly accredited by KSE and my salary is over KD 2,000 per month. After moving fro... July 26, 2019 6047 Category: Driving License
Change In Designation Leads To Cancellation Of Driving License I took my licence 2 years back on engineer visa. After 1 year changed my company and they put designation as driver. When it was changed I went to Asma Muroor and unblocked it. But now again company i... July 15, 2019 5742 Category: Legal
Kuwaiti Woman Abuses A Policeman For Asking To Show Her ID, Driving License And Car Registration A case of verbally abusing a policeman has been filed against an unidentified Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Rai daily. This happened when the officer asked the woman to show her ID, driving licence and ca... June 28, 2019 1202 Category: Crime News
Application For Driving License Rejected I went yesterday to Ahmadi Traffic department office for applying licence but my application got rejected by the Kuwaiti officer. He said you are not eligible. My salary KD 650 in work permit designat... June 20, 2019 14233 Category: Driving License
Getting Back Revoked Driving License Due to change in residence from Engineer to supervisor, my driving license on MOI website is showing “No driving license”. My salary is KD 600, I have attested university degree and residi... May 09, 2019 745 Category: Driving License
Driving License For Executive Secretary 1) I am an Indian on Article # 18 residing in Kuwait for more than 5 years and looking to apply for a driving license. My salary is KD 440 on Izn Amal. Designation: Executive Secretary.  2) My I... April 22, 2019 855 Category: Driving License
Loss Of Driving License After Designation Change – What To Do Next I came to Kuwait in Feb 2016 and I took driving licence in Nov 2016 with engineer designation and KD 400 salary. I changed to new company in Dec 2018 with new designation as technician and this result... April 06, 2019 1504 Category: Driving License
Online Driving License Renewal To Start Soon MOI announced that e-driving licenses for citizens will be issued from first week of May, where as for expats online issuing of e-driving license will start by the end of the year. Only those expat... March 28, 2019 631 Category: Kuwait
Driving License For Housewives Rules Changed Sources at traffic department informed driving licenses will be issued to housewives only if they are on dependent visa and have children whos husbands salary is KD 600 and above with designations as ... March 08, 2019 1527 Category: Driving License
Driving License For An Mechanical Engineer I am working in Kuwait as an Assistant Mechanical Engineer since 2012. The salary on work permit is KD 594 and designation Assistant Mechanical Engineer. I would like to know if I am eligible for driv... August 12, 2018 1103 Category: Driving License
Driving License Obtained On Basis Of Muscat Driving License – Change In Profession Cancel It I came to Kuwait as a teacher six months ago, with a salary of KD 400. Now I want to change my profession to marketing personnel. I obtained a licence in between (based on my valid Muscat licence).... May 08, 2018 1575 Category: Driving License
Driving License For A Nurse I need advice to apply for a driving licence. My designation is ‘personnel officer’, my actual salary is KD 450, but in my work permit only KD 270 is mentioned. With this salary am I eligi... February 20, 2018 2989 Category: Driving License
10 Yrs Back Driving License Issued On Designation Of Driver Will It Change Now With New Rule My driving license was issued on Oct 10, 2012 for 10 years with designation ‘driver’. But now my designation in my new company is being changed to ‘reporter’. Please advise whe... December 26, 2017 11088 Category: Driving License
Driving License For Asst Accountant First I would like to thank you for your valuable information for Arab Times readers. I am 16 months old in Kuwait, I am master degree holder and my salary is KD 450. Designation is Asst Accountant. K... October 12, 2017 1568 Category: Driving License
Driving License For Housewife I have the designation “Engineer” with KD 600+ base salary and holding a driving license. Is it possible to apply for a driving license for my wife? She is under my sponsorship, she ... August 29, 2017 5558 Category: Driving License
Old Driving License Cancelled - Solution To Get New License I have problems with my driving license and as such I need a solution to overcome these problems. My driving license was issued in 2015 (in March) and it expired in March 2016. My profession was chang... November 14, 2016 8198 Category: Driving License
Crackdown On Illegal Parking - 197 License Plates Removed A total of 197 plate numbers were removed Sunday – the first day of implementing the decision to withdraw plate numbers of vehicles which obstruct traffic movement intentionally. In a press stat... October 31, 2016 4862 Category: Crime News
Housewife Driving License To Loose After Visa Transferred To Work Permit This question is regarding driving licenses. I am a housewife and I got a driving license in 2014 which will be expiring in December 2016 as my residence is also expiring in October 2016. Now my qu... October 11, 2016 3497 Category: Driving License
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