Digital Visa Application System Adopted By Eu For Schengen Countries

14 November 2023 Information

The European Union Council of Ministers has adopted new rules allowing visa applicants to apply online for Schengen visas, a significant step towards digitization. Al-Jarida Daily reported that this decision eliminates the need for physical passport stickers and the traditional requirement for appointments with consulates or foreign offices.

Upon completion of technical work on the visa platform, a process that is expected to take several months, the decision will be implemented. The official publication in the Administrative Journal of the European Union is also anticipated shortly.

In his remarks, Fernando Grande-Marlaska Gomez, the Spanish Interior Minister presiding over the European Union session, stressed the significance of this development, saying that the ability to apply for Schengen visas online will be a major improvement not only for citizens but also for the application process. Additionally, he noted that the online application process would improve efficiency, making traveling easier while reducing the burden on national administrations.

Two regulations approved by the Council of Ministers will create a platform for EU visa applications. Once the new system is operational, applicants for short-term travel will be able to submit documents, data, and electronic copies of travel-related documents, including biometric information and payment of fees, all through an electronic platform. After database verification, the applicant will receive an encrypted code that can be printed or stored digitally if the application is approved.

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