Daman Will Test Expat Manpower Before They Enter Kuwait For Work

23 February 2022 Expats

The Health Insurance Hospitals Company (Daman) requested that Counselor Mishaal Al-Mudhaf, Acting Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, present the vision of Kuwait's health care system, its preparations, the services it provides, and its role in screening expatriate manpower in their respective countries before they take jobs in Kuwait, as well as the impact this practice will have on enhancing national health security.

Thamer Arab, Daman's CEO, and Adel Al-Jumhur, the company's director of local and foreign services, were present at the meeting, according to Al-Jarida. The purpose of the visit, according to Arab, was to review the company's most important activities, developments, and preparations in terms of vision, goals, achievements, and current and future plans, as a government initiative by the Ministry of Health as the Middle East's first healthcare institution operating under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) system, which contributes to diversifying sources of income to benefit the Kuwaiti economy.

He mentioned that Daman is the first organization in the Middle East to provide such services in the integrated health maintenance system by providing health insurance with an integrated system of healthcare centers, hospitals, and various related services such as laboratories, pharmacies, radiology, and other matters related to consultations and diagnosis, treatment, and prevention to improve Kuwait's health care indicators through prevention and awareness programs.

Arab praised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' and Kuwaiti embassies' efforts to support various national development projects, noting that "Daman" will play a key role in enhancing health security in Kuwait in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, alleviating the Ministry of Health's burden, and providing an integrated healthcare service for residents beginning when they are hired to work in Kuwait and continuing throughout their stay in the country.

He stated that, in accordance with the rules and government decisions governing the foundation of "Daman," the firm aims to begin a project to investigate expatriate personnel in accordance with the company's articles of association and objectives.

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