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‘Stalls For Used Clothes Removed’ – Crackdown On Illegal Charity Work The field inspection teams formed by the Ministry of Social Affairs to monitor and remove violations in the 18th project for collection of donations during the month of Ramadan have discovered a large... April 21, 2021 356 Category: Crime News
PACI Timings In Partial Ban The Director-General of Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) Musaed Al-Asousi announced the working hours of PACI in a press statement today, Saturday, Al Qabas reported. Al-Asousi said th... March 06, 2021 1094 Category: Kuwait
Municipality To Work With 50% Employees To Counter The Spread Of Coronavirus The director-general of the municipality Ahmed Al-Manfuhi issued a circular calling on all sectors and administrative units in the municipality to take into account the preventive measures to counter ... February 07, 2021 186 Category: Kuwait
Temporary Government Work Contracts To Be Limited To One Year A temporary government work contract limited to one year will be handed to contractors seeking expat workers for emergency government projects, which will be automatically cancelled after one year fro... January 25, 2021 292 Category: Kuwait
New System Launched By Public Authority of Man Power For Renewal Expats Work Permits The new ‘Ashal’ platform launched the first set of services, coinciding with the launching of the electronic forms portal with its own first set of services in the new system for automatin... January 14, 2021 6231 Category: Expats
Interior Minister Pledges To Upgrade Systems For Smooth Running Of Work Minister of Interior, Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali, during a visit to all sectors of the nationality, passports and residence affairs has stressed on the need to continue working towards a qualitative shift w... January 09, 2021 303 Category: Information
Stop Renewing Work Permits For 11 Days Public Authority for Manpower PAM will suspend the renewal of work permits from 1 to Jan 11, 2021, in order to move their system to a new automatic system, local Arabic media reported. According to... December 20, 2020 1699 Category: Automotive
4 New Categories Allowed To Transfer From Family Visa To Work Visa The Public Authority for Manpower has added 4 new categories that are allowed to transfer from a residence permit from family ( Article 22) , to a work permit (Article 18). After extensive study by sp... December 15, 2020 1334 Category: Work Visa
Work On Stranded Maids As Dishes Pile Up State Minister for Services and National Assembly Affairs Mubarak Al-Haris recently met the concerned officials at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to discuss the plan for the return o... November 17, 2020 625 Category: Information
Around 3,500 Apply Exemption From Work In MoH  Director of the Ahmadi Health Region and Chairman of the Committee on Medical Reports for Workers at the Ministry of Health, Dr Ahmad Al- Shatti, revealed that the committee has reviewed request... September 14, 2020 1046 Category: Health
MoE Notifies Dates Of Interviews For Those Who Applied For Work The Ministry of Education has started to notify those who applied for work in the academic field about the dates of their interview, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a source from the educational sector. ... September 07, 2020 382 Category: Education
Mechanism For Stranded Expats Working For Ministries To Return Back To Kuwait A government team, headed by the Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of State for Economic Affairs Maryam Al-Aqeel with representatives of the relevant government agencies as members, has been ins... September 05, 2020 1724 Category: Expats
90,000 Teachers Return To Work In Kuwait Yesterday, 89,936 teachers and administrative staff returned to work after a six-month hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Al Rai daily reported. A source within the Ministry of Education pointed ... September 02, 2020 849 Category: Education
89,936 Teachers To Return To Work From Sept 1 From Tuesday, September 1, a total of 89,936 teachers and administrators in all educational levels will return to their schools, announcing the start of the new academic year 2020/2021 with distance e... August 31, 2020 1136 Category: Automotive
410,000 Civil Id Cards Handed To Expats Since Work Resumed The Director General of the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), Musaed Al-Asousi, affirmed that the authority has completed issuing a total of 105,000 visas to all citizens since 20 August,... August 30, 2020 594 Category: Civil ID
Govt. Offices To Work With 50% Employees With the cancellation of the partial lockdown from Sunday dawn, the rate of employees working in ministries and government agencies since the fourth stage of the plan for return to normal life will no... August 29, 2020 660 Category: Economics
Kuwaiti Dcotors in Private Sector Can Work in More Than One Location The Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, issued a ministerial decision to allow Kuwaiti doctors working in hospitals in the private medical sec... August 22, 2020 592 Category: Health
Work To Resume At The Two Certification Centers The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that work will resume at the certification centers in the government of the Mall (Liberation Tower) and the Citizen Service Center in (Sabhan area), during of... July 12, 2020 703 Category: Lockdown
Govt Sector To Abide By Health Conditions When Work Resumes – CSC Ministries and government institutions should abide by the health conditions when they resume work on Tuesday, June 30, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) said Thursday. The public sector should li... June 26, 2020 598 Category: Kuwait
Young Kuwaitis Prove They Will Work As Juice And Shawarma Shop Assistants Juice shop assistants or shawarma guys are not typical career choices for young Kuwaitis, but many of them have showed they have an appetite for success in marginal industries, amid increasingly loud ... June 16, 2020 3401 Category: Kuwait