Cops Have Arrested Kuwaiti Mask Man Who Was Accused In 11 Robberies
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Police have arrested a masked man who had reportedly carried out eleven thefts at exchange companies within one week in various parts of the country, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to the security sources police found in the car of the suspect the mask which he wore while committing the crimes, and instruments including a screw driver he used to break the locks.

He also escorted the detectives to places where he committed the crimes and enacted how he carried them out.

According to a security source, the CID men exerted intense efforts and checked the footage of a number of CCTV cameras showing the suspect ‘at work’.

The source added the detectives managed to determine the way the accused committed his crimes, and put several places under surveillance and managed to catch the suspect red-handed while he was about to commit the twelfth crime.

The source added after the arrest of the accused, who is said to be Kuwaiti, is a drug addict and was earlier arrested in possession of shabu. Upon orders from the Public Prosecution, securitymen raided the man’s home and found various kinds of tools that he had used in committing the crimes, some of the tools were found in his car.

The source added the suspect has made a detailed statement before the CID men about the crimes he has committed saying he ran a check on the stores during the day and committed the thefts in the later hours of the evening. He added, he also wore gloves not to leave behind his fingerprints and the mask to hide his identity. What is surprising is that the suspect has admitted to committing more than one crime at any given time. He also said he spent the money to buy drugs and fun parties.



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