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Prosecution Pleads For Accused? For the first time in the history of Kuwait’s judiciary and the courts the Prosecution has pleaded on behalf of an accused and not the other way around, reports Al- Qabas daily. Tuesday, the Cou... August 04, 2021 313 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits Woman Accused Of Stealing Husband’s Luxury Car The Kuwaiti Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti woman who was accused of stealing her husband’s luxury car, Al Seyassah newspaper reported. The wife was accused by her husband of breach of ... January 17, 2021 304 Category: Crime News
Company Accused Of Laundering KD1.8 Million Dinars In a new case in a series of money laundering cases, the Public Prosecution issued an indictment report following a report submitted by a consortium of victims belonging to real-estate companies, agai... January 14, 2021 560 Category: Information
Kuwaiti Accused Of Possession Of Drugs Acquitted The Criminal Court of First Instance acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of possession of illicit drugs meant for consumption, and driving under the influence of intoxicants. The court issued ... October 23, 2020 472 Category: Crime News
Pakistani Accused Of Stealing 36 Kgs Of Gold Worth 710,000 KD n arrest order has been issued by the Attorney General of the Capital to arrest a Pakistani expat who has been accused of stealing 36 Kgs of Gold worth 710,000 KD. According to a security source, a... September 16, 2020 1077 Category: Crime News
Worker Assaulted – Kuwaiti Accused Egyptian working for the Emergency Department of the Ministry of Electricity has filed a complaint with the police accusing a Kuwaiti of assaulting him, reports Al-Anba daily. The complainant said thi... September 13, 2020 425 Category: Crime News
40 Websites Accused Of Spreading Rumors Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, 40 licensed websites were referred to the Public Prosecution for propagating false news and breaking the law, reported Al Rai daily. The daily mentioned t... May 01, 2020 599 Category: Crime News
Fury As Kuwaiti Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Minor Girl Jumps Bail, Flees Morocco A Kuwaiti tourist is said to have escaped Morocco, after he was accused of raping a minor girl, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting Moroccan Media 24 website. The President of the Court of Appeal in Mar... February 16, 2020 344 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested Kuwaiti Mask Man Who Was Accused In 11 Robberies Police have arrested a masked man who had reportedly carried out eleven thefts at exchange companies within one week in various parts of the country, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the securit... February 14, 2020 447 Category: Crime News
Death Penalty Upheld For Kuwaiti Accused Of Beating Child To Death In Car The Court of Cassation chaired by Judge Ahmad Al-Ajeel ruled in favor of the Court of Appeals to execute a Kuwaiti man accused of beating and torturing a child to death in a vehicle, and to imprison t... January 21, 2020 2283 Category: Crime News
Ethiopian Maid Accused Of Killing Baby Girl An unidentified Ethiopian maid has been detained at the Saad Al-Abdullah Police Station after her sponsor accused her of attempting to kill his baby girl, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, th... December 24, 2019 620 Category: Crime News
Ministry Of Information Accused Of Faulty Allocation Of Land To Magazine Ministry of Information has been accused of violating law by declining to clarify whether it acted in line with rules and regulations in the allocation of a piece of land to a weekly magazine, althoug... November 28, 2019 333 Category: Kuwait
Nepali Maid Accused Another Maid Of Theft An unidentified Nepali maid accompanied by her sponsor has filed a complaint with the Sabah Al-Ahmad Police Station accusing another maid working for the same sponsor of stealing KD 200 from her walle... November 20, 2019 291 Category: Crime News
MoI Accountant Accused Of Providing Fake Testimony The Criminal Court, in its recent session on the case of Interior Ministry’s Hospitality, which was earlier adjourned to summon the relevant officer, listened to the testimony of the senior acco... November 04, 2019 272 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted Former MPs Who Were Accused Of Offending The Jordanian King The Court of Cassation dismissed the appeal submitted by the Public Prosecution against the verdict issued to acquit former MPs Musallam Al-Barrak, Mubarak Al-Wa’alan and Salem Al-Namlan, and th... October 22, 2019 280 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits Preacher Who Was Accused For Insulting UAE The Misdemeanor Court has acquitted an Islamic preacher Sheikh Hamid Al-Ali who was accused of offending the Amiri status and insulting the United Arab Emirates. The Public Prosecution had charged ... October 18, 2019 295 Category: Crime News
Court Has Issued Summons For A State Security Officer Who Is Accused Of Hostile Action Against Egypt The Criminal Court has issued summons for a State Security officer on Oct 28, 2019, to hear his testimony in the second case of ‘Atij al-Messian’ who is accused of hostile action against a... October 09, 2019 281 Category: Crime News
Shipping Companies Accused Of Collecting Extra Charges From Customers The Competition Protection Agency recently discussed with major shipping companies accusations that some of them have received additional fees which are not in accordance with the applicable terms and... October 08, 2019 541 Category: Business
Unidentified Female Lawyer Is Accused Of Trafficking In Humans The Labor Relations Department of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has recently received hundreds of complaints of disputes concerning visa traders and breach of contracts, while the last week ... September 20, 2019 355 Category: Crime News
American Woman Has Accused The Medical Examination Center At KIA Of Causing The Death Of Her Cat An American woman has accused the Medical Examination Center at Kuwait International Airport of causing the death of her cat, reports Al-Seyassah daily. According to a security source, the woman to... September 08, 2019 345 Category: Crime News
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