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Two Cops In A Car In The Evening Shift The General Traffic Department (GTD) has begun implementing a new system for police patrols on duty in the evening shift. According to the new system all patrols leaving for duty in the evening shift ... July 20, 2021 397 Category: Crime News
Man Held In Kuwait For Knife Attack On Cops Kuwaiti police had arrested a man for an attempted knife attack on two security personnel, an official source was quoted as saying Tuesday. The suspect, a stateless Bedoon person, had been spotted ... November 24, 2020 260 Category: Crime News
Brawl Goes To Cops – ‘Will Never Return A case of assault and breaking into her home has been filed by an unidentified young Kuwaiti woman at the Hawalli Police Station, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the security sources the Operat... November 13, 2020 1055 Category: Crime News
Cop Gets 7 Yr Imprisonment For Taking Bribes The Court of Cassation presided over by Judge Ahmed Al-Ajeel has sentenced a policeman from the Criminal Investigation Department to seven-year imprisonment with hard labor, reports Al-Anba daily. The... October 15, 2020 589 Category: Crime News
Cops Hunt A Man For Not Paying Dues Police are looking for an unidentified person who is said to have escaped without paying after fixing a wind screen on his car, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the workers at the shop the suspect ... October 15, 2020 603 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested 4 Indians For Bootlegging Acting on information the Hawalli police raided an apartment in Hawalli and arrested four Indians for bootlegging. Acting on a tip-off police got a warrant from the Public Prosecution, monitored th... June 16, 2020 1218 Category: Crime News
3 expats involved in duping Pharmacies arrested The General Department of Criminal Investigation arrested 3 members of a gang who were specialized in fraud activities as a many pharmacies were approached and would buy face masks, gloves and sanitiz... June 15, 2020 823 Category: Crime News
Cops Registered A Case Against 2 Men For Insulting Cop And Resist Arrest The Kuwait Ministry of Interior stated that it has registered a case against two individuals for insulting an employee and resisting security forces. The announcement comes in a statement of the Ge... June 08, 2020 181 Category: Crime News
Father Beats Up 2 Cops To Free His Son Police have taken into custody an unidentified person for assaulting two traffic policemen and freeing his son from inside the patrol. This happened when the policemen on duty in Sabah Al-Salem saw... June 04, 2020 918 Category: Crime News
Cops Filed A Case Against MP Brother For Breaking Curfew Police in Kuwait have registered a case of violation of total curfew and exploitation of position against a Sheikh, a brother of an MP and an off-duty officer, local media reported. The incident oc... May 28, 2020 1101 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested A Man , Who Was Accused In Murder The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced today, Friday, that the criminal security sector in the ministry managed to arrest the accused in case No. 12/2020, murder of intentionally, within 48 hours ... May 02, 2020 425 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested 5 Men,who Tried To Kidnap A Kuwaiti Citizen Hawally Public Prosecutor has ordered Hawally Investigation Department to arrest five unknown individuals who tried to kidnap a Kuwaiti citizen. According to security sources, the victim had provid... April 28, 2020 1166 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested A Girl For Violating The Partial Curfew The General Administration of Security Relations and Media of the Ministry of Interior mentioned a video clip circulated on a number of social media sites that includes a girl who admits to violating ... April 28, 2020 1068 Category: Lockdown
Cops Hunt For Flirt Police are looking for an unidentified Kuwaiti for flirting and running over an unidentified young woman, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the security sources the woman was walking along a street ... February 18, 2020 727 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested Kuwaiti Mask Man Who Was Accused In 11 Robberies Police have arrested a masked man who had reportedly carried out eleven thefts at exchange companies within one week in various parts of the country, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the securit... February 14, 2020 343 Category: Crime News
Thieves Flee Before Cops Arrive Security officers from the Abdullah Al Mubarak Police Station have contacted the General Traffic Department to identify the owner of a vehicle which was left behind by unidentified thieves who were se... December 05, 2019 245 Category: Crime News
Cops Are Looking For An Unidentified Person For Assaulting His ‘friend’ Police are looking for an unidentified person for assaulting his ‘friend’, reports Al-Rai daily. The friend in his complaint to a police station in the Capital governorate said he was driv... September 26, 2019 307 Category: Crime News
Cops Are Looking For An Unidentified Young Man For Beating Indian Driver Police are looking for an unidentified young man who escaped after assaulting the Indian driver of a Kuwaiti family near a girls’ high school in Hawalli, reports Al-Rai daily. According to th... September 12, 2019 247 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested An Kuwaiti, Who Was Armed With A Knife And Held His Family The Ahmadi police have arrested an unidentified young Kuwaiti, who was armed with a knife and held his family – mother, her sister and two of her sons – hostage inside their home for about... September 10, 2019 299 Category: Crime News
Cops Are Trying To Identify The Burqa Thief The Andalus police are trying to identify a woman for committing theft inside a beauty parlor in Riqqa, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the owner of the salon, the thief entered the salon wearing ... September 09, 2019 293 Category: Crime News