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77 Juveniles Arrested For Driving Without Licenses The traffic police who have arrested 77 juveniles for driving without licenses has called on parents to keep an eye on their children to protect their lives and the lives of other road users. The M... November 07, 2021 199 Category: Crime News
Filipinos Arrested; 5 Citations Issued As part of security crackdown in Bneid Al-Gar the security authorities have arrested two Filipino women and issued 15 traffic citations to motorists for committing various traffic offences. The Al-... October 26, 2021 1641 Category: Crime News
Asians Arrested, Belongings Confiscated During a campaign organized by the Ahmadi Security Directorate in Fintas and Abu Halifa of coastal areas, police have arrested dozens Asians and confiscated their belongings for violating the Municipa... October 23, 2021 607 Category: Crime News
Two Bootleggers Arrested, One Escape The Salmiya police have thwarted the attempt of 3 Asians to sell 120 bottles of locally-made booze into the country. The Al-Rai daily said, the night patrol during a security check suspected three ... October 23, 2021 368 Category: Crime News
Runaway Pakistani Teen In Police Custody The runaway Pakistani teenager who has been arrested by the Khaitan police blamed her father saying the entire family was living under a kind partial ‘house arrest’, Al Anbaa reported. ... September 16, 2021 1121 Category: Crime News
Girls Arrested In Kuwait For Putting On Satanic Make-up, Appearing To Drink Blood-like Liquid A group of girls has been arrested in Kuwait after appearing in a video wearing terrifying teeth and drinking a liquid similar to blood, driven by false beliefs, local media reported. According to ... June 22, 2021 1656 Category: Crime News
Arab Arrested For Publishing A Clip Offensive To Security Men The Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of an Arab who filmed himself criticizing security men and ridiculing the measures taken by them and insulted the State of Kuwait in a video clip that was... March 10, 2021 552 Category: Crime News
Two Egyptian Expats Arrested For Selling Drugs Security men in the public security sector were arrest two Egyptian expatriates in possession of medicines for the pharmaceutical profession, and they are working to distribute them illegally. sour... January 23, 2021 293 Category: Crime News
Truck Driver Arrested For Carrying Vehicles In An Unsafe Manner The Traffic department arrested a heavy truck driver who appeared in a video clip, carrying vehicles in an unsafe manner. Authorities informed that the General Traffic Department immediately dealt ... December 25, 2020 920 Category: Crime News
6 Kuwaiti Teenagers Arrested Over Links To Daesh Boys lured to embrace ideology through video games Kuwait’s State Security Service on Wednesday arrested six #Kuwaiti teenagers in connection with the terrorist Daesh group, Al Qabas Arabic d... December 24, 2020 706 Category: Crime News
Insta Model Arrested For Hot Photo Shoot At Pyramids An Egyptian model-Instagram influencer Salma al-Shimi was arrested for allegedly doing an ‘offensive’ photoshoot. Her photographer Hossam Mohammad also was arrested. Both were later releas... December 06, 2020 3474 Category: International
Expat Arrested For Collecting Money From Drivers The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry said police have arrested an unidentified expatriate for collecting money from drivers behind the Min... November 22, 2020 959 Category: Crime News
Suspect In Mangaf Shop Theft Arrested Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested the suspect who had broken into the Smartphone shop in Mangaf and escaped with 13,000 dinars and a number of Smartphones, repor... November 01, 2020 595 Category: Crime News
Conman Arrested Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested an unidentified conman who had cheated 13 people by selling them illusionary ‘chalet’, reports Al-Rai daily. The da... October 30, 2020 793 Category: Crime News
Man Arrested In Kuwait For Attempting To Kill His Mother, Mother Refused To File A Case A young Kuwaiti man was arrested for the attempted murder of his mother after breaking into her apartment in Al Salmiya area of the Hawalli Governorate, an Arabic daily reported. Officers arrived a... October 26, 2020 400 Category: Crime News
51 Accountants Arrested In Kuwait Over Discrepancies Fifty one accountants working at Kuwait’s cooperative societies have been referred to Public Prosecution after the authorities discovered discrepancies in the quantities of subsidised foodstuffs... October 13, 2020 1536 Category: Crime News
5 Men Specialized In Thefts Arrested The security authorities of Ahmadi criminal investigation department arrested 5 men who had committed robberies across various regions in Kuwait. Based on search and investigation, necessary inform... October 09, 2020 1256 Category: Crime News
Indian Arrested For Drugs Consignment  Kuwait Air Cargo Customs department arrested an Indian who is in his 40’s when came to receive a parcel coming from one of the Gulf states, after being searched, it was found that it conta... October 07, 2020 737 Category: India
Makeshift Market In Mahboula Raided, Violators Arrested  Al-Ahmadi security men received information about makeshift markets is being held and selling foodstuffs in the Mahboula area to which a number of expatriates flocked, accordingly a security tea... October 06, 2020 699 Category: Crime News
Indian Bootlegger Arrested  Police have arrested an unidentified Indian for bootlegging, reports Al- Seyassah daily. The daily said the security authorities arrested the Indian on suspicion and found in his possession 70 ... October 05, 2020 922 Category: Crime News
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