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A Total Of 340 Kuwaitis And Expats Reported Their Children's Drug Abuse In The Last Three Months Within the framework of continuous efforts to combat the phenomenon of drugs and to raise awareness of its dangers, reliable sources said more than 340 citizens and residents reported their addicted c... January 18, 2023 113 Category: Crime News
Police Arrest Driver Of Vehicle With Protruding Pipes According to the Interior Ministry, a driver was arrested after he was spotted in a video clip violating traffic and driving rules. A local daily reported that authorities impounded the suspect’... December 29, 2022 260 Category: Crime News
Three Fake Maids And 14 Illegal Expats Arrested 14 residence violators were arrested by the Ministry of Interior in Sabiya, Al Julaia, and Al Jahra camps, while three residence violators were arrested at a fake maid's office. In order to take t... December 21, 2022 176 Category: Crime News
Police Officer Arrested For Taking Drugs While On Duty A Kuwaiti newspaper reported on Wednesday that a policeman was caught taking drugs while on duty. According to Al Anba, the suspect, a police officer in Hawalli governorate south of Kuwait City, ha... December 07, 2022 166 Category: Crime News
Expatriates Arrested For Offering 'indecent Services' According to Kuwaiti media, 18 Asian expatriates were arrested for providing 'indecent services' to clients in massage parlors in the Salmiya area. In collaboration with the Municipality an... December 07, 2022 224 Category: Crime News
Police Arrested Two Suspects For Robbing A Delivery Driver Two citizens were arrested after colliding with a delivery man and robbing him. One of the suspects distracted the victim and entered into an argument with him, while the other suspect robbed the driv... December 05, 2022 126 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested 79 People For Violating The Residence Law As a result of the continuous campaigns conducted by residence affairs, in collaboration with the concerned authorities, 79 violators of the residence law of different nationalities have been arrested... December 03, 2022 179 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Police Arrested Four Over Fuel Fraud According to a Kuwaiti newspaper, four people have been arrested after speeding off in their cars without paying fuel bills at a gas station. According to Al Anba, a fifth offender remains at large... November 19, 2022 164 Category: Crime News
In Sulaibiya, Security Checks Led To The Arrest Of 142 Violators A local Arabic daily reports that the General Administration of Residence Affairs Investigation, represented by the Tripartite Committee Department, conducted the security campaigns with the support o... November 16, 2022 182 Category: Crime News
Currency Counterfeiting Gang Arrested With Foreign Currency Banknotes Four people of different nationalities with counterfeit foreign currency banknotes were arrested by the Criminal Security Sector. Once the team had information about the gang, they raided their res... November 15, 2022 116 Category: Crime News
Unlicensed Clinic Staff, Asian Tattoo Artist Arrested An Asian was arrested in the Al Siddiq area for running a tattoo business without a license from his home by the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigations and the Public Authority of ... November 07, 2022 189 Category: Crime News
Expatriates Arrested For Running A Fake Maid Service In Jleeb In the Jleeb Al Shuyoukh area, the Ministry of Interior arrested nine expats for violating residence and work laws. They ran a fake maid service. The accused have been referred to the appropriate auth... November 06, 2022 164 Category: Crime News
Fake Lebanese Doctor Arrested By PAM, MoH Inspectors On The Roof Of The Coop Al-Qabas daily reports that the Manpower Authority and Ministry of Health seized a huge drug store in one of the cooperative societies in Farwaniya Governorate last Sunday, the latest in a string of v... November 04, 2022 168 Category: Crime News
Private Car Driver Arrested For Transporting 14 Children To School An arrest was made by the Traffic department for carrying schoolchildren in a way that endangered their lives and the lives of others. The driver was transporting 14 schoolchildren in a private car, a... November 03, 2022 615 Category: Crime News
In Farwaniya, 40 Violators Have Been Arrested As a result of an inspection campaign in several areas of Farwaniya Governorate, 40 violators of residence and labor laws were arrested. Those arrested are of different nationalities. According to ... November 02, 2022 116 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Juveniles Arrested For Driving Without Licenses The Ahmadi Security Directorate launched a 3 day campaign in Sabah Al Ahmad area in which 41 juveniles were arrested for driving without a drivers license. According to the report, the residents compl... October 31, 2022 157 Category: Crime News
Producer Of Crystal Meth Arrested With Raw Material And Hashish The General Dept. of Anti Drug Trafficking arrested a Kuwaiti suspect in his apartment in the Maidan Hawally area in possession of half kilogram of hashish, 8 kgs of meth (shabu) producing raw materia... October 30, 2022 148 Category: Crime News
A Total Of 11 Expats Arrested Violating Residence And Work Law ​The General Department of Residency Affairs Department, represented by the Joint Tripartite Committee Department, arrested 11 expats of various nationalities for violating the residency law and wor... October 29, 2022 223 Category: Crime News
An Egyptian Islamic Teacher Has Been Arrested For Sexually Assaulting More Than A Dozen Children In Kuwait, an Egyptian Islamic teacher has been arrested on charges of raping more than 50 children, including students, in the largest case of sexual assault in the country's history. Media re... October 26, 2022 1608 Category: Crime News
Asian Expats Arrested At Kuwait Airport For Smuggling Drugs At Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait Customs arrested three passengers with marijuana. The first passenger had rolled marijuana inside meat which was in the bag of a passenger coming in from an Asi... October 25, 2022 147 Category: Crime News
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