Company Not Paying On Eid Holidays And Other Holidays
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We are working during eid holidays and whatever holidays in Kuwait but our company is not paying us for working on these holidays. What action can we take regarding this issue. Please guide us.

Name withheld

Answer: The company is violating the law by making you work during holidays and not paying you for work done. Apart from paying for work on holidays, the law also enjoins all companies to give a day off to compensate for the work done during the holiday. As a way out, direct the attention of management to this anomaly and plead that it should be corrected. If they heed to your plea good for you and them but if they don’t, then we advise that you file a class case against them at the Public Authority for manpower and we are sure that the case will be taken up and justice will prevail.



29 Oct, 2019 971
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