Al-Durra Company Fails To Hire Domestic Workers From Abroad At Cheaper Prices
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Despite attempts being made by the government to solve the crisis of recruiting from overseas domestic workers through the establishment of Durra Company three years ago, the company has failed to meet the aspirations of the citizens by recruiting sufficient number of domestic workers at competitive prices, reports Aljarida daily.

Most of the citizens do not know where the office of Durra Company is located. This is due to the ignorance of the company and its delay in marketing its services especially on social media and mobile apps.

The company had promised citizens to provide domestic workers at a cost of KD 400 but nothing has been achieved on the ground amid its failure to compete with the domestic labor offices.

The figures provided by Al-Durra monthly to recruit Filipino domestic workers is only about 15 contracting requests, while the current commercial offices hire at least 150 per month.

Also, the company has not benefited from Kuwait’s foreign relations to recruit skilled workers, but it only recruits from India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.



05 Jan, 2020 268
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