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Vaccination Campaign For Domestic Workers Starts From Today The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad announced that the national campaign to vaccinate against Covid-19 continues to provide the service to the eligible groups, Al ... June 19, 2021 481 Category: Kuwait
Domestic Workers Excluded From Vaccination Decision For Entry Domestic workers are excluded from the condition of completing two dose of vaccine for entry to Kuwait, the Federation of Domestic Labor Offices clarified. The Federation, in its twitter account sa... June 18, 2021 756 Category: Kuwait
Expats Need Approval Of Sponsor To Recruit Filipino Domestic Workers Despite the breakthrough in recruiting domestic workers from the Philippines, the situation is different for expatriates. Expatriates are now required to obtain approval of their sponsor and must have... June 08, 2021 854 Category: Kuwait
New Batches Of Domestic Workers Coming To Kuwait Soon The domestic labor market will witness, during the next few years, a wide breakthrough in the numbers of labor imported from the Philippines, through the arrival of new batches of them, by doubling th... May 30, 2021 1831 Category: Kuwait
Ethiopia Yet To Approve MoU To Start Recruitment Of Domestic Workers In Kuwait The Federation of Domestic Workers Recruitment Agencies held talks with the Ethiopian ambassador about the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the recruitment of Ethiopian domestic workers to ... May 26, 2021 214 Category: Kuwait
First Batch Of Filipino Domestic Workers Arrive In Kuwait Following the approval of the Ministry of Labor in Manila, Philippines lift the ban on sending domestic workers to Kuwait. The first batch of new domestic workers coming from the Philippines arrived a... May 25, 2021 1067 Category: Filipinos
11.59% Decrease In The Number Of Domestic Workers In The Country Kuwait witnessed a sharp decline in the number of domestic workers in the country. According to the figures issued by the Public Authority for Manpower, a decrease of 84,463, which is 11.59 percent... May 12, 2021 320 Category: Kuwait
New Deals To Hire Domestic Workers State authorities, headed by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), are planning to sign new agreements to recruit domestic workers, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting reliable sources. They revealed th... May 09, 2021 767 Category: Kuwait
5 New Destinations For Recruiting Domestic Workers Through The Belsalama Platform An official source at Kuwait International Airport revealed that 5 new destinations have been added to the Belsalama platform for the recruitment of domestic workers, Article 20, Al Qabas reported. ... May 06, 2021 1496 Category: Kuwait
Philippines To Lift Labor Ban On Kuwait The Kuwaiti Federation of Domestic Workers Recruitment Agencies announced that the Philippines will lift the ban on Kuwait, Al Qabas reported. The union said in a press statement that the opening o... April 14, 2021 609 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Bans The Use Of The Word “maid” For Domestic Workers The Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce has banned the advertisement of recruitment activities from using any words or phrases that affect the dignity of expatriate workers, domestic workers, and those of si... March 31, 2021 1833 Category: Kuwait
Domestic Workers To Be Recruited From Ethiopia Before Ramadan To solve the domestic worker crisis in the country, a labor agreement with Ethiopia is expected to be signed within two weeks, after it is presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Al Qabas report... March 05, 2021 431 Category: Kuwait
The Domestic Workers’ Recruitment Offices In A Difficult Position The Kuwaiti Federation of Domestic Workers’ Office Owners expressed its surprise at the Ministry of Trade’s decision to reduce the maximum price for bringing in domestic workers to 890 din... February 04, 2021 252 Category: Kuwait
Domestic Worker Crisis Is Likely To Worsen In Ramadan Kuwait faces new problems in recruiting domestic workers because of the new requirements imposed by the Philippines and the domestic worker crisis is likely to worsen in Ramadan, Al Qabas daily report... January 30, 2021 431 Category: Kuwait
KD1380 For Each New Contract For Domestic Workers Domestic workers’ recruitment offices have begun receiving requests for setting up new contracts for domestic workers, though, at present new contracts are limited to Indian workers coming from ... January 21, 2021 550 Category: Kuwait
Recruitment Process Of Domestic Workers From Philippines Is The Lengthiest Civil Aviation announced that the recruitment of new domestic workers will start from today, Sunday. The procedures for the recruitment of domestic workers will differ from one country to another, and... January 17, 2021 484 Category: Kuwait
Sponsors Forcing Domestic Workers To Stay In Country, Renewing Residency Permits Online Against Her Will While one of the positive repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic was the switch to online government services to protect the employee and the expat from the virus, it had the unfortunate side effec... January 05, 2021 533 Category: Kuwait
Tickets Reservation Open For Kuwait Airways In The Prohibited Countries For The Return Of Kuwaitis, First-degree Relatives, And Domestic Workers Senior government sources said, in exclusive statements to Al-Anbaa, that instructions have been issued to open reservations for tickets for Kuwait Airways aircraft in the banned countries for Kuwaiti... January 03, 2021 1490 Category: Kuwait
PACI Launches Updated Version Of Kuwait Mobile ID App For Domestic Workers The General Director of the Public Authority for Civil Information(PACI), Musaed Al-Asousi announced the launch of an updated version of ‘My Mobile ID’ app that includes domestic workers (... December 21, 2020 1085 Category: Civil ID
The First Flight Carrying Domestic Workers From 34 Banned Countries To Arrive On Monday The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced today, Wednesday, the arrival of the first flights under the plan for domestic workers to return to Kuwait from high-risk countries on a list... December 10, 2020 610 Category: Kuwait