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Philippines Seeking Justice For OFW Jullebee Ranara Manila: Philippine Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) Secretary Susan Ople on Monday vowed justice for slain overseas Filipino worker Jullebee Ranara as she condoles with the grieving family of the O... January 23, 2023 3787 Category: Filipinos
Domestic Workers Use Kuwait As A Transit Point To Dubai Domestic labor affairs specialist Bassam Al-Shammari said a new phenomenon has emerged on the domestic labor market. He said Kuwaitis are finding their way to the United Arab Emirates, particularly Du... December 03, 2022 270 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Has 655,000 Domestic Workers In Kuwait, about a quarter of expatriate workers are domestic workers, whose number is about 655,000 at the end of the second quarter of 2022. The number was 639,000 at the end of the second quarter o... October 23, 2022 102 Category: Kuwait
Domestic Workers And Low-wage Workers Will Have Easy Access To Their Money By Using An Electronic Wallet. As part of its commitment to enabling modern financial technologies in Kuwait and promoting innovative business models, the Central Bank of Kuwait has introduced a new product into the local market un... October 10, 2022 157 Category: Kuwait
An Export Ban On Domestic Workers To Gulf And Middle Eastern Countries Is Discussed In Philippines The Philippine Senate is currently discussing a proposal to ban Filipino domestic workers from being exported to 'countries that practice the sponsorship system', in a clear reference to Gulf ... August 22, 2022 314 Category: Filipinos
Employers Are Not Required To Pay The Value Of Tickets To Offices Under The New Decision According to informed sources, strict measures have been approved to prevent tampering with domestic labor contracts by the relevant authorities. In accordance with the new pricing, employers, citizen... August 17, 2022 266 Category: Kuwait
Domestic Workers Must Play A Crucial Role In Correcting Demographics As a result of the dissolution of the National Assembly on August 2, 2022, candidates started presenting electoral programs that included unrealistic goals, such as adjusting the demographic structure... August 14, 2022 199 Category: Kuwait
Difficult To Recruit Skilled Workers According to Khaled Al-Dakhnan, the Kuwaiti Federation of Owners of Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices, Kuwaiti offices have difficulty bringing skilled workers to Kuwait because of the Ministry of Co... August 09, 2022 441 Category: Kuwait
Domestic Workers' Recruitment Fees Amended By The Ministry Fahd Al-Shariaan, Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development, issued a ministerial decision on Sunday setting a maximum fee for domestic labor recruitme... August 07, 2022 284 Category: Kuwait
Hiring Offices of Domestic Workers Warned According to Al-Jarida, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has warned domestic workers recruitment agencies to provide all services to citizens and residents entrusted to them, to avoid closing the... July 26, 2022 370 Category: Kuwait
If There Is A Dispute, Allow The Transfer Of Domestic Workers Reports Al-Anba daily, a researcher specializing in domestic labor affairs, Bassam Al-Shammari, has called on government agencies related to employment such as the Ministry of Interior and the Public ... July 24, 2022 539 Category: Kuwait
The Philippine Government Allegedly Raises The Age To Work Abroad As Domestic Workers According to Al-Qabas, the Philippine government has raised the employment age of its domestic workers who work abroad to 24 years to "protect them from human trafficking." The move will soo... July 17, 2022 242 Category: Filipinos
Kuwait Launches An App For Domestic Workers According to an official, Kuwait has permitted the issuing of residence cards or iqamas for domestic workers in the nation using an app for government services. The Interior Ministry has opened the se... July 03, 2022 770 Category: Kuwait
Domestic Workers Increased During The First Three Months Of 2022 Kuwait had a rise in the overall number of workers on the labour market in the first three months of 2022. In all, 22,000 employees entered the nation in the first three months of this year, 88.9 perc... June 28, 2022 279 Category: Kuwait
Domestic Workers Working As A Nurse At A Salmiya Clinic They discovered a number of serious violations in some clinics in Hawally governorate, while the joint committee of PAM, Medicine Inspection Department, and Medical Licensing Department of the Ministr... June 15, 2022 1649 Category: Kuwait
King Fahd Causeway Travel Rules For Domestic Workers Saudis and other Gulf nationals using the King Fahd Causeway between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain require foreign domestic workers to be in possession of the required documents, such as a valid iqamas and... June 09, 2022 992 Category: Travel
Domestic Workers Scarcity Khaled Al-Dakhnan, the head of the Kuwaiti Federation of Domestic Labor Office Owners, spoke of the sector's inability to compete with neighbouring countries in bringing in quality trained domesti... June 07, 2022 845 Category: Kuwait
Indian Workers Claim They Were Tortured By Their Compatriots In Kuwait When an unidentified Indian expatriate couldn't find a way to tell the Kuwaiti police that two of her male compatriots were holding her hostage and torturing her, she created a video clip from ins... June 02, 2022 248 Category: Kuwait
A Disgruntled Domestic Workers Recruitment Agency Threatens To Close Several domestic labour recruitment agencies have threatened to close their doors and give over their licences to the Ministry of Commerce within two weeks if the ministry continues to insist on fixin... June 01, 2022 147 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Domestic Workers Received 784 Million Dinars In 2021; Indians Were Top Of The List Kuwait's domestic worker spending bill in 2021 was 784 million dinars ($2.6 billion). According to local Arabic daily citing sources familiar with the domestic labour sector, the average monthly w... May 17, 2022 311 Category: Kuwait
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