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The Ministry Of Health Calls On The Council Of Ministers To Allow The Return Of Medical Personnel And Their Families Stranded Abroad The Ministry of Health addressed the Council of Ministers regarding allowing non-Kuwaiti medical personnel, nursing staff, technicians and administrators and their families to return and enter the cou... July 12, 2021 517 Category: Kuwait
Technical Team For Checking Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates Issued Abroad A technical team has been formed to audit the documents and certificates of Covid-19 vaccination issued from abroad to citizens and residents. After uploading the documents on the website the technica... July 07, 2021 1401 Category: Coronavirus
Clinic In Al Sabah Continues To Vaccinate Patients Before Treatment Abroad And Students - MOH The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced the opening of the clinic this week at the Immunization Center at the Islamic Medicine Center in the Al-Sabah Specialized Medical District, which began receiving... May 21, 2021 487 Category: Kuwait
Citizens Returning From Abroad Seeking To Be Re-vaccinated Informed sources revealed to “Al-Rai” that some citizens returning from abroad, who received vaccines against “Covid 19” that were not approved in Kuwait, are seeking to receiv... April 28, 2021 1075 Category: Coronavirus
Court Declares Person Missing Since 4 Yrs Died Abroad In ‘armed Conflict’ The Court of Appeals overturned the verdict issued by a lower court which disapproved the death of a missing person. The court instead affirmed his death and the consequences thereof. Representing ... January 13, 2021 190 Category: Crime News
Spotted Eagle Returns After 6 Months Abroad The Environment Public Authority said it had placed three ‘tracking devices on 3 large spotted eagles’ in the Jahra Reserve on Jan 14, 2020, and on March 30, 2020 during spring the eagles ... January 11, 2021 297 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait: 54% Of Teachers Stuck Abroad Are Not Needed  The Ministry of Education released a report that indicated that 54 per cent of the non-Kuwaiti teachers stuck abroad, whose residency’s have expired, are no longer needed, Al Qabas reporte... January 10, 2021 460 Category: Education
Special Certificate For Corona Patients, Those Returning From Abroad The Civil Service Bureau has circulated the quarantine termination form for workers in government agencies based on a request submitted by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health. The Bureau&r... January 02, 2021 1419 Category: Information
Kuwait Halts Hiring Of Teachers From Abroad Kuwait has halted recruiting teachers from abroad for the current school year due to restrictions prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, a local newspaper reported Tuesday, citing education sources. Th... December 22, 2020 398 Category: Education
Expat Teachers Stranded Abroad Will Not Receive Salaries The Ministry of Education has confirmed that expatriate teachers, who were stranded abroad due to the coronavirus crisis, will not receive their salaries for the months they were outside the country, ... November 20, 2020 380 Category: Expats
PAM Allows Companies With Contracts Of Govt And Oil Sectors To Recruit From Abroad After a period of eight months, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has started granting work permits for the recruitment of workers from abroad for companies that have government and oil-related ... November 10, 2020 496 Category: Information
62 Indian Nurses Returned To Kuwait After Being Stranded Abroad Sixty two Indian nurses and technicians working for the Ministry of Health arrived in Kuwait on Tuesday, after being stranded outside Kuwait since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon their... October 14, 2020 1104 Category: India
Will Banks Be Able To Pursue Expat Borrowers Abroad? Many expatriates depend on their severance pay while planning their retirement, as the balance of these funds is savings, which is generally linked to the investment plans and can be withdrawn when ne... October 13, 2020 7337 Category: Expats
Social Assistance For Those Stranded Abroad … No Deduction  The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor instructed the Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Al-Aqeel, to take into account those who are entitled to social assistance who were strande... October 07, 2020 1412 Category: Information
Budget For Sending Kuwaitis Abroad Can Be Used For Better Health System Reacting to the article published in the daily under the headline “Overseas medical treatment”, some public welfare associations and activists expressed their support for this article, str... September 28, 2020 353 Category: Health
Virus ‘puts End’ To Controversies Over Medical Treatment Abroad  It appears the corona pandemic has finally put at rest the file of Overseas Medical Treatment which has been one of the most controversial issues and has been on and off the agenda of the respec... September 23, 2020 556 Category: Health
MOH Approves List Of Doctors, Nurses And Technicians Stranded Abroad The Ministry of Health has forwarded the list of doctors, nurses and technicians assigned in public hospitals and health facilities, who are stranded abroad, to the Council of Ministers and the Minist... September 20, 2020 1067 Category: Health
3,500 Teachers Stranded Abroad, MOE Faces Crisis The Ministry of Education is facing a crisis as around 3,500 teachers are stuck in their countries due to the lockdown measures taken by the health authorities; including the decision to ban the entry... September 17, 2020 342 Category: Education
Unpaid Leave Can Be Granted For Teachers Stranded Abroad The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has found a solution to the crisis related to teachers who are stranded abroad because of the decision to ban flights from 31 countries, reports Al-Rai daily. It ... September 05, 2020 393 Category: Education
MoE Halts Visa Renewal For Expat Teachers Stranded Abroad The Ministry of Education (MoE) has halted the renewal of residency permits for expat teachers who are stranded abroad, based on coordination with the Ministry of Interior in this regard, said Al-Qaba... August 25, 2020 760 Category: Expats