59 Thousand Expatriates Left During The Period Of The Corona Pandemic
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The Deputy Director-General for Employment Affairs at the Public Authority for Manpower, Abdullah Al-Mutatah, revealed that 59 thousand expatriate workers left voluntarily during the period of the “Corona” pandemic, indicating at the same time that the authority has no reservation on any nationality unless there are security restrictions, as this is related to the authorities. the wish.

Al-Mutatah said, in a television interview, “It is necessary to differentiate between the departing and those who were unable to enter Kuwait,” noting that “those who left voluntarily were 59,000, unlike the numbers in the shelters who were violators and were deported through the Ministry of Interior.”

He pointed out that “since the beginning of the pandemic, we have started working on preparing an advanced automated system, so that 95 percent of our services have become mechanized.”

He added that, according to statistics, from January 1 to last September 30, 666 thousand renewal transactions (online), 146 thousand residency transfer transactions, in addition to 28 thousand final work permit cancellation transactions.




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