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Corona Infection Drops Down To 100 Cases At the end of last July, there were less than 100 symptoms of Corona infection across the nation, down from 603 cases on the 18th of the same month, according to official information released by the M... August 08, 2022 147 Category: Coronavirus
Corona Vaccine Will Be Available At 16 Health Centers From August 10th In order to provide the Covid-19 immunisation, 16 health centres across all health areas have received approval from the Ministry of Health. According to Al-Qabas daily, the immunisation procedure at ... August 07, 2022 333 Category: Coronavirus
School Rents Were Exempted From Fatwa During Corona Some private schools using government premises have been spared from paying rent during the closing period caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, according to the Fatwa and Legislation Department. Accord... May 12, 2022 136 Category: Kuwait
Corona Reversed Kuwait's Rent Trend According to a number of real estate developers, the Corona crisis reversed the increasing trend in rentals that had been in place since the 2008 crisis, driven by high demand for housing units from e... May 07, 2022 629 Category: Kuwait
Only 5 Centers Will Administer The Corona Vaccine After Eid The Ministry of Health is considering reverting to the current system of 19 medical centers spread across the country for anti-Corona vaccinations, after the Eid al-Fitr holiday. That is, provided tha... May 01, 2022 734 Category: Coronavirus
Students No Longer Have To Undergo PCR Tests Because the last working day at 12 health centers around the country occurred at the end of last week, the Ministry of Health has suspended the PCR test for students at its health centers. Accordin... April 14, 2022 172 Category: Kuwait
199 New Infections, No Deaths From Corona The Ministry of Health confirmed on Sunday that 199 new Coronavirus infection cases had been registered, but no deaths had been reported. According to the sources, the percentage of infections to the ... March 21, 2022 336 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait's Chocolate Consumption Declined Significantly In 2021 Due To Corona Kuwait had been one of the leading chocolate consumers in the region, consuming 3 kilograms of chocolate per person each year, before the health authorities implemented precautionary measures during 2... March 14, 2022 187 Category: Kuwait
30 Murders In 14 Months Open Society's Wounds Repeated violent acts have opened society's wounds, including the murder of a mother by her two daughters in a Doha suburb the day before yesterday, which was preceded by the murder of a family of... March 12, 2022 290 Category: Crime News
Mosques No Longer Require Vaccinations For Entry According to a government source, vaccination is no longer required to attend mosques, and individuals who are not vaccinated are welcome to enter and pray just as they were before the Corona era. ... February 15, 2022 392 Category: Coronavirus
The Price Of Sheep Is Increased By 35% The effects of the Corona pandemic are still being felt in key sectors, like as cattle markets, which have seen a 35 percent spike in costs in recent days due to a lack of feed that was not accessible... February 14, 2022 272 Category: Kuwait
In One Week, More Than 5,000 People Visited Liberation Tower Within one week of its availability to the public, some 5,000 people, both citizens, and expatriates, visited the Liberation Tower.  Because the reservation has been made, because the booking ... February 14, 2022 332 Category: Kuwait
Commercial Visa To Work visa extended Ahmed Al-Mousa, the Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower, announced the issuing of an administrative circular extending the deadline for converting business visit visas into work perm... February 12, 2022 693 Category: Kuwait
Booster Dose Vaccination Process In a statement issued today, Thursday, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the "booster dosage" of the Corona vaccine is given to those aged 16 and over, and that it is given 6 months afte... February 10, 2022 1269 Category: Coronavirus
Cabinet: Corona Infections Have Decreased Significantly An explanation on the latest developments in the health situation in the country was given by the Minister of Commerce and Industry and the Acting Minister of Health. Both spoke about a noticeable dec... February 08, 2022 397 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Removed From Spanish Safe List For ‘Corona’ People traveling from Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay will not face stricter restrictions when they arrive in Spain, as these countries have been removed ... January 25, 2022 259 Category: Coronavirus
Corona Deaths In Kuwait Are Among The Lowest In The World Despite the increasing rates of infections and cases which required hospitalization during the current month, coinciding with the increase in infections in most Arab Gulf countries, health sources rea... January 20, 2022 231 Category: Coronavirus
Corona Crisis Boosts Prices – Shortages In Supply … Slow Delivery MP Ahmed Al-Hamad has confirmed receiving the response of Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Essa Al-Salman to his queries on the rising prices of commodities, steps taken to control prices, a... December 18, 2021 157 Category: Coronavirus
‘Schools Shut Due To Corona’; ‘Fatwa’ Sheds Light On Rents Row The Fatwa and Legislation Department has expressed its opinion on the controversy regarding the exemption of private schools from paying rental fees of the facilities they use, during the period when ... December 15, 2021 987 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Economy Will Return To Pre-Corona Levels In 2023 The agency “Fitch Solutions” expected that economic activity in Kuwait will return to the level before the “Corona crisis” by 2023, in conjunction with a strong recovery of oil... December 15, 2021 348 Category: Coronavirus
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